Market Demand

After accumulating the information listed above, further analysis suggests that the market demand for contracted snow removal is estimated at 30% to 45% in the targeted area. These figures suggest that the occupants of the area are dual-income families heavily entrenched in professional lives and are willing to pay for the convenience of the service opposed to the inconvenience of personally completing the job (Reference, limited survey of immediate neighborhood residents). How the demand compares to the competition?

The demand is equal to or greater than that which the competing companies forecast as their market shares. With a population estimated at 585 homes and assuming a 50% market for snow removal (market percentage based upon limited survey) and an aggressive calculation of market shares of 341 estimated customers (6X50+41=341) is calculated to be 58. 2 % (341/585).

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Identify 1 target marketing for this service Target marketing of this service would be exactly the same as the E. Amherst market; with demographic area occupied by “lower uppers” and “upper middle” social classes (as defined in our text (Kotler 2001, Table 3-1, p.135)) and a psychographic profile such as determined workaholics.

How is this service positioned in the area (Segment)? Is it effective? Why or why not? Using RC Landscaping as the model, the company is moderately positioned to capture a 15% share of the demographic examined in this paper, which is adequate. RC is advertising equal to but no greater than its competition. To increase market share RC could increase targeted use of local radio, newspaper advertising, along with additional hand delivered advertisements to individual homes.

Summary; analysis and conclusions In conclusion, RC Landscaping is operating with a relatively equal share as compared to competition in the snow removal service in E. Amherst. If RC decides to increase its size and gain a greater market share it must seriously review its long-term marketing plans and the limited research done for this paper corroborates this fact. All the companies servicing the area utilize marketing techniques equal in comparison to each other.


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