Desired learning

My experience until today is in my opinion a solid base, I will improve my leadership everyday through learning about others, my daily process of learning, talking with employees to find out what they would like to do and listening what they have to tell me about their job or about their subordinates/leaders. How can I become a better leader in the near future? My behaviour, as a combination of task and relationship, should guide me to become a good leader.

The task behaviour is the level to which I provide directions for the actions of the followers, I set goals and I define their roles and how to assume them. The relationship behaviour is the level which I engage in two way communication with followers, listen to them and provide support and encouragement. Furthermore, I will take the importance of developing the ability, confidence, and commitment of the subordinates. As a future leader, I should help the followers to develop their willingness and confidence to the extent that they are able and enthusiastic to perform whatever they are assigned to.

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I will also bring learning to work, that we hold meetings about new projects I want that the subordinates are involved, that they feel they represent much more than just workers. In these meetings, I should attend participation from everybody; development of our work should be our success in the future. These meetings should also help each person to self develop in order to grow personally and professionally. In addition, I believe meetings are important as they provide me a chance to motivate my staff and empower each one of them.

A further point in my leadership skills where I see room for improvement is the transmission of knowledge between leader and subordinates. Barriers, or simply the fact that your staff not familiar with something, can hold them back. Such fact is avoidable, the followers have to know as much as possible in order to enhance performance and help the team to reach the companies goals. Such exchange of knowledge is essential for any company, especially a multicultural one.

If my objective is to become an appreciated leader, I should be able to communicate efficiently with my staff. Hospitality industry is mostly a multicultural industry. Therefore, as a leader, I should be able to adapt to different cultures and understand different behaviours and skills. Another point in becoming a good hospitality leader is the perception of a problem before it even occurs. I teach my employees to predict situations and they should be able to find solutions about every matter without forgetting that I am always available to listen to them.

In my future career as a leader I intend to create a successful team which is able to improve and learn about new things in the same way I do. I would like that they learn from me as I learn from them. Learning, being open, helping and motivating, empowering people and showing a trustful behave character are my essential tools to become a more successful leader in my future career. Once the employees and I recognize and accept each others cultural values and upbringings we begin to work out alternative methods of not only improving employee moral but also increasing job productivity.

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