Create Brand Awareness and Attitude

With regard to TY’s brand awareness, the majority of the target audience does not distinguish the numerous yoga centers well. Therefore, TY plans to use a series of programs such as teaser advertisements to build brand awareness, and providing information to build brand recall and recognition. In addition, advertisements using mannequins with healthy images serve to change brand attitude. Brand Purchase Intention and Trial Many consumers have the wrong perception that yoga is an expensive, tedious and torturing exercise. TY will have to educate its target audience on the benefits yoga provides and change their perceptions.

Hence, TY will plan to offer trial sessions tied in with sales promotions with NESVITA yogurt, membership promotions and outdoor events with interactive mediums to achieve this objective. Category Need Teaser advertisements depicting depressed mannequins will induce buyer’s perception of needing a product to remove or satisfy a perceived discrepancy between actual state and desired state. In effect, Phase 2 of the taxi advertising campaign serves to show the solution to their problems in satisfying that need. TY will plan to further meet this objective through providing detailed information on TY in various print media and at events.

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Reinforcement To further reinforce target audience’s belief and attitude, subsequent marketing communications such as Bus, Taxi and MRT advertisements, direct mails, e-newsletter and website will be used to inform the target audience on latest promotional activities at TY. The outdoor event “Be True to Yourself” will attempt to bring yoga closer to its target audiences by explaining and demonstrating the wonders of yoga practices. Roadshows and special events such as Health and Wellness fair and the Anlene Orchard Mile will also be amongst the tools TY will use in raising brand awareness.

Direct mails used concurrently will create personalization and roadshows launched regularly at Orchard and CBD areas will motivate brand loyalty in TY’s target audience. Several media forms are used including sales promotion, print advertisements such as posters, magazines and newspapers, moving advertisements such as MRT, bus and taxi, outdoor events, direct mail, e-newsletter and TY’s website. The duration and budget allocated to each media form is tabulated of which bus and MRT advertisements are amongst the highest priced medium, costing $64,400 and $50,000 respectively.

The outdoor carnival will be the main event at attracting potential customers although $46,500 will be allocated for the 1 day event. The lowest cost medium would be the posters at $1,000. Although inexpensive, they may be ineffective at reaching specific target audiences and are easily overlooked. In all, considering TY’s company size, the promotional budget is calculated at $232,176, which is well within our marketing objective limit of $300,000, and essential in preparing an integrated and coordinated communication program.

(Refer to Appendix 1)Taxi advertising will be used as our first buzz of the “Be True to Yourself” TY outdoor event, to reach out to a wide audience and gather valuable information on our target audience. (Moove. Media, 2007) This program will last for three months in a total of 3 phases. Each following phase attempts to follow up on the previous one for a coordinated program. In September, mannequins with depressing features are used to attract a media buzz, following which motivational and family appeals are used in October and November to communicate the benefits of yoga.

(Shimp T. A, 2007)This is to support our aim in changing the perception of yoga as being tedious and painful. To ensure a high frequency exposure rate, an SMS contest is implemented including participants’ personal details to win prizes such as free trials and gifts. This can help TY to gather customer information and promote the “Be True to Yourself” campaign. We will be using print advertising to create promotional awareness to the public hanging around or working at nearby TY outlets.

Posters will be placed at high traffic places outside TY outlets at Pacific plaza and UOB Plaza. This will help in generating a high exposure rate and traffic into the outlets. Upon seeing these posters, customers can simply walk into the outlets and request for additional information about the particular promotional program, as compared to other advertising media where there is no direct response to customers’ queries. In the course of this, service personnel at TY will attempt to change customers’ perception of TY in conjunction with our goal.

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