A small manufacturing company

A CEO of a small manufacturing company does not have big staff. So he is expected to personally know all his employees. Adoption of transformational leadership by such an employer will make functioning of his company more efficient. The motto of a small manufacturing company is definitely to expand.

Here the CEO can influence his employees and motivate them to work to use their potential to the maximum. The charismatic personality of such a leader will bind together his employees and inspire them to work as an effective team.

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Such team effort will produce the best result which in turn benefits the employees. He can lead the organisation by creating a network, distributing work and achieving the goals. This helps his employees work in a pressure free environment. Seeking the participation of the employees for setting goals for the company will encourage them to work to the maximum.

Clear communication with the workers will help the CEO know about the problems faced by the manufacturing company. This results in quick solutions to the problems thereby avoiding the delay in work.

Employees like to get a feedback to improve their performance and such a CEO will make this role very comforting. The employee will work more satisfactorily in such a comfortable environment. In turn it employees reducing the absenteeism and increase in the manufacturing of products. In cases where the employee is helped by the CEO in a certain problem, this results in permanent fixation of a problem. For instance if a certain employee finds it difficult to load a particular job in his machine, the CEO will physically help him load the job, reducing the workload.

This encourages the employees to get more dedicated towards their work. All this will in turn result in low staff retention.

Many other rewards and appraisals help the employees to be retained in the same company. The CEO also allows the participation of employees in certain aspects of decision making. This encourages the employees to make certain decisions even in the absence of the CEO, resulting in more satisfaction within the members of the team.

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