The technological development

All the technological development (restrictions on the use of it) and new leadership styles still do not quite perfect the working environment. There are still other issues apart from the fact that world is changing continuously enabling not only to develop new styles of leadership in order to keep up with expanding demands of employers but also new technology which is not of a particular help for social reasons if the communication inside the company is solely based on technology.

Excessive usage of email and misbalance of interpersonal contacts may cause employees to feel unimportant which is vital for creation of relations and therefore motivation. In addition, employees may feel threatened that their messages will be read due to lack of privacy and therefore relations may be hard to maintain even by email (especially in large corporations). Another issue is the fear. Employees often feel threatened on various occasions either by employers or by fellow workers.

Fear is continuously attempted to be removed from organisations, however, it still occurs. Fear stops people from coming forward with ideas and thoughts and thus preventing the company from achieving its full potential. For example, some employees may know better a solution to a problem then others who may be higher in the hierarchy. Therefore, they are often afraid of suggesting as they assume that manager for personal reasons or whatever it may be will dislike it so an employee would rather stay quite than put his employment at risk.

Employees feel threatened by their boss. As if in an attempt to go towards a common goal something goes wrong the manager gets the blame. Once and again the relations are scrutinised between employees in different levels of hierarchy. New employees often feel unwelcome if other employees in the company already formed small groups, thus it would be hard to gain recognition for a new member and therefore creating insecurity and consequently not the most productive work that could be achieved assuming they were all working as a team from the beginning.

Team working is thought to be most productive for some people as it enables different types of people to cooperate and accomplish the task most productively as well as creating a sense of belonging in the team and company subsequently. Overall, 94% of the errors workers make are the result of the design of the system, not the personal fault of anyone being lazy, inattentive, etc.

The most fundamental move to improve the quality of work relations is to drive fear out of the workplace and listen closely to the ideas of the workers on how to do things better. Developing the understanding and appreciation of everyone for the work done by the others is basic to smooth running relations in the organization. Give workers authority, training and tools to work at a pace they set, modifying it as needed. Eliminate individual personal evaluations of all types.

Such evaluations interfere with good morale and cost more in problems than they save. Instead focus on the effectiveness of groups, teams and departments. Make decisions based on collected data, not just reason or tradition. In addition, eliminate the use of Internet as it is waste of time and money for the company and create more personal contacts between employees for example in common cafeterias, smoking areas, etc.

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