Planning and preparing for my future

This section describes what my goals and aims for the future are and how I will achieve them. The first important weakness that I need to convert into strength is my time management. It is extremely important to be able to manage my own time and sometimes other’s time, efficiently and productively. Getting up early has made a big difference because I am more productive during the day and less in the evening and I’ve gained an hour of productivity in exchange for a wasted hour. Although I have noticed improvements about my time management, I still have some problems with TV.

I have fixed a maximum amount of time I can spend watching TV and I am going to gradually reduce it. My further step is to plan in advance and have a schedule to follow. Knowing when and estimating for how long I am going to work on something helped me to remain focused and achieving more tasks with better results. One of my aim is to work as a manager in a big international business. I will use future group works, during the next two academic years to improve my ability to deal with different types of people and being stricter with lazy workers when they tend to procrastinate or do not get any job done in the time schedule.

I will try to find the balance between work and relationships in order to create a friendly environment to work in which is also very productive. Another aim about my interpersonal skills is to improve my communication difficulties and try a new aptitude as a listener. I would like to be able to communicate with different people in different occasion, creating a comfortable situation with the person I am talking or listening to. The first step towards this goal is to try to let other people to finish talking and then ask a question or intervene. Planning and time management I have found out a pleasant and quiet place to study.

I have decided to study in the morning because my brain is working better and my understanding is also better at that time. I usually prefer to study alone so that I will be able to concentrate on my work however I like to work with other students in the lecture because they will help me with my learning. I have decided set time schedules for myself and use a year planner to mark all my course deadline dates for the semester, this will allow me to plan time for my work and relaxation. In addition, I will share out my own personal set assignment deadlines and tasks into the spaces.

This will give me time to work on assignments throughout the term and helps me to follow and to do work on time. Reflection and self-assessment I learn by making mistakes, getting feedback from others and making reasoned judgements about my own strengths and weaknesses, this helps me to target my development. My strengths: I have self confident when I work and learn new skills, I become more assertive and independent, yet am happy to take responsibility for my own actions and beliefs. Moreover I am willing and able to take responsibility for myself and my learning.

I am confident in my own abilities, planning and time management. I have a strong working ethnic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity and optimism. I am capable of working and interacting sympathetically with others and confident to give and accept criticism, using this in a positive manner to further build on my skills. Written and oral communication I will like to improve in my written and spoken skills. I can do this by taking part in sports activities and get to meet new people and also gain work experience and participating in various discussions and English language modules.

This will help me to improve my communication and English skills. I can improve my written language by writing a lot of essays, learning new words every day and reviewing English grammar once a week. I can also look for more journals and articles to improve my English vocabulary and using a variety of written style, it will also improve my presentation skills. I sometimes do not like presentations because it makes me anxious, nervous and embarrassed. I was not satisfied with my presentation but I learnt a good lesson, ideas and experiences of how I could improve my skills in future presentations and how I can do much better.

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