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Started to develop IT skills and identified areas of improvement. Initially the task seemed tough, so as how to improve upon certain areas. However, after having feedbacks and studying different techniques it was easier to concentrate on specific areas. It was Important to improve the basic and advance techniques and cope with the difficulties in IT. The feedback forms from assignments, presentations and the feedback from colleagues helped a lot in achieving improvements. It has been easier now to use Ms-Office tools and make assignments, reports, and presentations.

Use of internet is also quite easy for me and now I am able to use internet very confidently. The different problems faced previously like how to insert a picture in a word document, how to make presentations slides etc. were rectified and improved. The assignments written gradually after this time showed improvement in above areas. The benchmarking my own IT skills with those of other colleague also helped in improving my performance. Managing time has been a challenged for me in life. I always struggled to manage my time effectively.

When I started my MBA it was difficult for me to attend classes, tutorials and workshops on time. I realized that I should have to over come this deficiency and I decided to take Time Management skill so that I could manage time in my future professional life. Time Management has been a difficult task during my job as well as in my daily life. However it was only during my MBA I got the chance to recognise and overcome my deficiencies in time management. Started with a broad set of skills which needed improvement to better perform in daily life.

The workshop on Time Management skill was helpful in improving various aspects. After going through the process of learning now it is comparatively easier to manage my time effectively. I can make one week schedule of my every day routine during the week and I can gladly say that I complete every day task more effectively and on time. The various feed back forms completed by colleagues have given an insight on my weak points which enabled me to focus on some priority areas. I have done self assessment and I found myself more organised. This showed that I have improved in Time Management skills.

The learning development process has progressed steadily and I have been quite successful in achieving the required objectives. Now I feel more confident that I can manage my time effectively and achieve the required objectives. CV is the first opportunity that someone has to make his/her case to a recruiter telling them why he/she is suitable for the role for which they are applying and for this reason CV is a selling tool or advertisement for someone. All these things I realized when I applied for some jobs and did not get reply from the employer and also got a lot of ideas after meeting with my career coach regarding CV development.

I understood I had bad CV which need help to get rid of all those weak points which make my CV unimportant. I tried to develop those skills which are essential for job hunting. I also benched marked my CV with my colleagues and realized I should improve my CV. I attended CV work shop and also met with my career coach to improve my CV. I realized that now I am more comfortable and confident when I apply for a job. I learned various techniques by attending workshops and meetings with tutors. However I still need to continuously work to improve my tools and techniques and further actions are proposed in under mentioned columns.

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