End-State Vision

Gene One leadership team decided to have a team meeting every Monday in order to be updated. The team will consist of no than seven members. The goal of offering an IPO in 36 months was agreed upon by the board suggested by CEO Don Ruiz. The team has to become educated when it comes to Initial Public Offerings (IPO). Chief Financial Officer Michelle Houghton and the finance team will provide a daily financial report. The financial report will include firms and private investors interested in lending capital. Chief Technology Officer Teri Robertson will provide a progress report concerning new innovative products.

Teri will be aided by a team of scientists. Marketing Officer Charles Jones will give statistics of marketing techniques and the needs of the customer on Mondays and Fridays. Charles has a group of three members on the market research team. Chief human resource officer Greg Thomas is responsible for hiring eight new scientists. Greg has four members on the recruiting team that will give daily updates. CEO Don Ruiz will be collecting information on IPOs. Don has found an experienced Research and Development team consisting of five members that will report every Monday.

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The members of the board were responsible of getting government approval and to find out what state would all Gene One to incorporate. Alternative Solutions Establishing strategic relationships that provide revenue, R and D funding, potential royalties and novel product opportunities has shown the effort of being team players outside of the organization. Partnerships are a key component of both developmental and financial strategies. Leveraging unique leadership position in the development of AAV-based products to establish partnerships provided the corporation with near- and mid-term payments and R and D funding.

This allowed the company to evaluate novel product opportunities without detracting resources from another research program. These partnerships also may potentially provide royalty-based revenue over the long-term. Additionally, by combining their expertise in AAV-based product development the leadership or partners in specific therapeutic or technology areas, Targeted Genetics creates synergies that support the development of innovative and transformative therapies. Targeted Genetics have development collaborations with leading companies that provide them with additional product development opportunities.

These partnerships are the result of their leading capabilities in AAV development and manufacturing, and typically provide them with research and development funding as well as enough revenue sharing and development milestones. Their expertise and capabilities enable them to form strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions, from early stage proof-of-concept studies to extensive development and commercial collaborations.

The collaborations have created product opportunities for them in areas with significant clinical and commercial potential, such as treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, congestive heart failure, and Huntington’s disease. Gene One should partner with other leaders in the biotechnology industry in order to keep pace with other companies. Gene One recognized to have continuance of growth it would require working as a team. This organization is heading in the direction when the leadership was willing to take advice from stakeholders or team members.

As did Targeted Genetics Corporation, Gene One valued the suggestions made by other team members. Gene One look at the option of obtaining assistance from an underwriting firm, this would help to determine what type of security to issue (common or preferred), best offering price and time to bring it to market. Analysis of Alternative Solutions Considering Gene One is only eight years old the suggestion of partnering with an experienced biotechnology company would be an option to keep in mind. Offering an IPO in 36 months seems to be a realistic goal. Gene One recognized to have continuance of growth it would require working as a team.

Willingness to take advice from stakeholders or team members prove to feasible. As did Targeted Genetics Corporation, Gene One valued the suggestions made by other team members. Values represent stable, long-lasting beliefs about what is important in a variety of situations that guide our decisions and actions. They are evaluative standards that help us define what is right or wrong, or good or bad in the world. Values dictate our priorities, our preferences, and our desires. They influence our motivation and decisions (McShane and Von Gilnow, 2005 pg 34).

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