Military technologies or capabilities

There are many legends stories that are familiar to employees and customers. “Leathernecks for the Marines can be accepted as a legitimate member of the family of legends. More like a tradition, the US Marines of three generations wore leather collars. The term “Leatherneck” was derived from a leather stock once worn around the neck by both American and British Marines soldiers. The origin of Marine Corps Hymn according to legend, the first verse of the Marine Corps Hymn was written by a Marine veteran of the Mexican War and sung to a folk tune heard in Mexico.

The words “From the Shores of Tripoli to the Halls of the Montezuma’s appeared on Marine Corps standards shortly after the war, but the author reversed them with poetic license. The Civil War then gave new popularity to the Hymn. United States Marine Corps Music TAPS. Of all the military bugle calls, none is so familiar to render emotion than the call TAPS. A call known as last post has sounded over soldier’s graves since 1885. It is also unique with the United States military, at wreath laying and memorials.

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Worldsources Online Oct 18, 2004 pNA (197 words) To answer when the Nation calls, Marines need to be educated in the ways of the Corps, who are trained and ready to perform assigned roles and missions. Requirements are fulfilled through a transformation process, which includes five phases: recruiting, recruit training, follow-on training, cohesion, and sustainment. Leadership is a continuous process involving critical actions, decisions, and most important, leadership from recruiting through service in the operating forces and beyond.

“One of the most physically and mentally challenging experiences of your life. ” (U. S. Marine Corps) This seems to be the philosophy of many new recruits that make it through basic training. This challenging experience lasts 13 weeks, and is the first step in the Marine Corp organizational structure. Recruits are instilled with the concept of teamwork. The final and most demanding test of basic training is called the crucible, “The recruit is transformed both physically and mentally, into a vital part of a highly effective team” (U.

S. Marine Corps). Then, and only then, is the recruit awarded the title of Marine. “Military rank in the United States Marine Corp is a badge of leadership and responsibility. ” (U. S. Marine Corps) The new recruit can now begin climbing the ranks of enlisted, commissioned officers, and/or Warrant officers. Commissioned officers rank the highest and hold presidential commissions. The United States Senate also confirms their ranks. Warrant officers are specialists in certain military technologies or capabilities.

Marine Corp officers are called company grade officers, field grade officers, and general officers. Now that the Marine is given a title, he/she must now select what is called a Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS. The MOS is a specific function that the Marine must perform. There are five categories that encompass the MOS, which forms a Total Force. “Every facet of the Marine Corp works together as a single, dynamic unit, and it allows the Marine Corp to call on any combination of specialties to complete the mission at hand” (U. S. Marine Corps).

These five categories are enlisted aviation; Combat arms; Computer, communication, intelligence/electronics; Combat service support; and Marine reserve. Many of the men and woman that are recruited for the Marine Corps must serve a minimum of 4 years. Considering the length of time invested, job retention is important. Recruiters don’t focus on who or what the individual is now, but the soldier he/she will become. They see each person as having the potential to succeed. The Marines have five sets of practices they follow that motivate new recruits, and keep them from failing and giving up on themselves.

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