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Some people think that the people who are over 55 years old should be retired to give opportunities to young people. I agree with this point view and I listed three reasons as follows. First, people who over 55 years old are not as energetic as young people. These people have to admit that as time passes, their physical strength are not as strong as before. It will influence them to devote all themselves to work to some extent. Especially for those labor force companies, they think young people are really work more efficiently.

Second, people who over 55 years old could not keep up with our new knowledge. With the rapid development in our world, almost every field’s knowledge updated so quickly. For some high-tech companies, they need the people have just accepted latest knowledge from universities. These young people have better memory and understanding abilities than elder people. Last but not least, to reduce the pressure of employment, old people have to give more opportunities to young people. More and more university students encounter difficulties to find a job when they graduated. Parents and government paid a lot for these students’ growth, and we shouldn’t waste human resources.

To sum up, we can safely draw a conclusion that people who over 55 years old should be retired to give opportunities to young people. It is not only for our young generation’s growth, but also The view that animals are our friends has been throughout the history. It is so cruel that people think wild animals shouldn’t be protected in the new century. They think it is a waster of resource and money. I don’t think so; I hold the opinion that we should try our best to protect them by various methods. The reasons I listed as follows. 61w

First, wild animals related to our human beings’ lives. We all know well from our textbooks that there is a food chain on the earth that influences every living thing. So keeping it balanceable is our human beings responsibility, otherwise it will seriously impact our normal lives. 47w Second, wild animals could do great help to our scientists’ research. We can imagine if all wild animals have been extinct, how could these scientists do their further research in lab? It will also be a tragic that teacher could only teach their student to know animals by pictures. So it will block academic development without the living wild animals.

What’s more, the knowledge blank of animals will seriously influence our society’s progress. 73w Last but not least, people could get relaxation and refresh when they visit our wild zoo. A lot of people feel so tension in their work under such fierce competition. It will be a nice thing that people could get close to nature when they visit wild zoo. It is a good way for them to relieve their pressure from their work. Kids will also be happy to see such lovely animals and get related knowledge vividly.

All in all, there should be no doubt that wild animals are our human being’s friends. We have the obligation to protect them. I do believe that our life will be more colorful. Culture plays an important role in our communication with different countries. Some people think one who visits another country should imitate local custom and behavior. By contrast, some people argue that host country should accept different countries’ culture. I agree with the latter opinion and I will list three reasons as follows. First, every country should respect every people’s customs no matter where they are from. It is not easy for people to change their habit when they come to a new country, because most habits were formed by nature. People are equal in the world and they all have the right to pursue their own faith and custom. Nobody has right to interfere with private custom. If we want other people respect us, we should respect other people first.

Second, most countries resort to open policy in modern society, accepting different culture is the tendency in this age. For example, China is a big developing country and she has its own charm to attract a lot of foreign countries to pay attention to her and has many transactions with her. Respecting other countries culture do great help to collaboration in many aspects. Last but not least, the exchange of culture among different countries facilitate to world’s peace and development. The culture’s exchanges include different fields, such as music, painting, architecture, literature and etc. Though these kinds of communication, we may find some common points among different culture. It may contribute a lot for the understanding from different nations. So culture just likes a bridge to establish a good relationship between countries.

To sum up, accepting different culture is the precondition for further communication with other country. We really welcome foreigners with their own style and customs to come to our country, then our life will be more colorful, our world will be more peaceful. In this competitive society, there is a hot topic for kids that how to be faced with such society. Some people point out that they should learn to compete, whereas other people argue that kids should learn to cooperate with other people, which will be useful to their adulthood.

When kids join the competition, it is also the process that they could make progress by themselves. Competition could give them motivation to perfect themselves and show their potential. They also can find their weak point and other people ‘s strong point easily. To be in top status, they will try their best to keep up with the contemporary development day by day. Through competition, they can improve their ability rapidly. So competition is of both pressure and motivation sources.

Another spirit-cooperation is urgently needed for our kids. Most kid in our country is the only one child in family. Most of them seem a little bit egoistical. Parents have the responsibility to let their children learn how to cooperate with their friends. What’s more, one person’s ability is limited whereas cooperation could bring us limitless power even miracle. Nowadays, many big companies attach great importance to employees’ teamwork spirit. It is obviously that people who know cooperation are more and more welcomed.

Kids are every country’s hope. Many parents focused on their development. My opinion is that our kids should equip both competition and cooperation consciousness. Only by this way our kids will grow healthily and they could succeed in their future. There is a fierce controversy that whether university should recruit the equal number of males and females for every subject study. It is true that the same recruitment number seems to be fair to some extent; actually different sex is adapted to different subjects. The reasons could be listed as follows.

First, people’s characters are related to their gender. For example, girls like to play toys such as babi, and they have the interest to sew clothes for toy. So a lot of girls want to choose costume design as their major. This kind of interest that they have is by nature. If people have interest to do something, it is really good for their career development. Although genius maybe only 10% attribute to success, we still should cherish it.

Second, boys and girls have different physical condition. Some subjects attach great importance to students’ physical condition such as surgery. It requires our surgeons stand besides operating table for several hours without eating any food. So male students learning medical are popular to study this subject. It is accessible that more male student are recruited in this kind of subject. Last but not least, pursuing the same number of males and females could result in the waster of talent people. For example, the recruited females who are not good at this subject will occupy the places for males who are good at it. Further more, every industry doesn’t need the same proportion of practitioner, while it just need more and more qualified persons.

To sum up, universities shouldn’t be restricted of the number of male or female student for every subject while they should be free to accept students who are suitable to study it. Only by this way, universities could train talent people as much as possible to serve better for our motherland. A lot of people are addicted to smoking in the world. Although almost everyone knows that cigarette is harmful to people’s health, the number of smokers is going up day by day according to the statistic. Cigarette is something that threat people’s health, so that there is a fierce controversy that whether smoking should be forbidden. I am on the side of smoking being forbidden and the reasons are listed as follows.

First, smoking is bad to people’s health. According to WHO ‘s analysis report that smokers’ lives are obviously shorter than normal people and smoking habit is the direct reason, which could result to lung cancer. So smokers shouldn’t take jokes by people’s lives. Everybody has the right to live in a healthy environment. Second, smokers don’t have this bad habit by nature. Most smokers began to have this habit just because of their curiosity. Our government has the responsibility to prevent our youth from smoking by education, propaganda, and other various methods. It will do great help for government to forbid smoking if people have the subconscious that cigarette is harmful to them.

Last but not least, smokers also do harmful to those people who are force to smoke. Everybody is equal and they have the right to stay in a clear atmosphere whereas quite a few smokers deprive non-smokers’ right. So we urgently should forbid them smoking as soon as possible. To sum up, it is necessary to forbid smoking. For every human being’s health, every body has the responsibility to support the forbidding smoking campaign. I do believe, if everyone joins this campaign, our human beings’ living quality will remarkably get improved.

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