Cost of vandalism

Vandalism is a serious issue in today’s society; it is a criminal act against property. Like other crimes against property and people, the first step to preventing vandalism is to understand the crime. Introduction This essay will outline the various aspects of vandalism including what is vandalism, types of vandalism, where can vandalism be found, what is the cost of vandalism, and recommendations for future management against vandalism. Background material. What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is the unlawful destruction or defacing of property. It comes in many forms and robs people of time, money and personal property. It is a crime which often does not have a motive. Common types of vandalism include breaking windows and doors, ripping up gardens, and spaying paint on walls (graffiti) Where and when does Vandalism Occur? Vandalism occurs in a wide array of areas.

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Frequent targets include public telephone boxes, bus shelters, places of worship, cemeteries, road and street signs, street lighting, parks, playing fields, and railway stations. This criminal act also occurs where building design and lighting offers concealment and anonymity, in areas frequented by youth such as schools, shopping centres and public buildings, in unoccupied buildings, open spaces or parked vehicles where minimum surveillance is given to property.

Vandalism can happen any time day or night and in any season but it most often occurs in the evening during summer. Young people are commonly associated with vandalism. A source estimates that young people are responsible for 90% of vandalism on public property with the peak age being 17 and the peak time for vandalism being between 4pm and 7pm. Vandalism has a tendency to decline in the winter months when individuals spend less time outside and also on Saturday and Sunday when public buildings and open spaces are under greater security.


Hopefully this report has increased your knowledge and understanding on vandalism and it impact on society. Also with trust it should, if well marketed reduce vandalism in our society. Appendices  Acknowledgements. I’d greatly like to thank Mrs. West for her unprecedented editing skills, and for being such a miraculous teacher.


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