Underage drinkers in a pub environment

This category is for any alpha that has been refused service for any other reasons than age appearance. These include dress, violence, over drunkenness, vomiting etc. It is worth noting that alphas may fluctuate between A12 and 3 depending on the cultures political climate. The acceptance of certain behaviours in groups and between them, Views on deviance from accepted norms and values. Heavyweights: Drunkenness is in some cases not only highly acceptable but desirable and the only reason for going to the pub. Individuals of this thinking appear in all groups and all sub-divisions. Alpha members of this thinking often end up as A3’s. This does not mean that they are frowned upon. Often an over drunken A3 will be treated in the same way soldiers view fallen comrades.

Lightweights: Drunkenness and how it is accepted are very relative terms. For example it is desirable to drink copiously and get drunk but undesirable to drink little and get drunk. Behaving like a lightweight is common among Gamma members and behaviour carries a stigma. There are also lightweight alphas. These are alphas for other reasons than their maximum capacity i.e. good people skills. It is in these situations that we see intergroup prejudice forming.

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In this culture a lightweight alpha is still higher ranking than a heavy drinking beta through simple virtue of class. There are of course no formal definitions of these classes but somehow the beta will know the alpha is uperior despite being able to outdrink them. This forms prejudices in the mind of the beta. This also shows as that although drink is th most imegral part of this culture it is not the most important and that the groups are based on other things as well as drinking prowess.

Changing norms with heightened alcohol intake. As the three groups as a whole get increasingly more drunk certain things that were not considered normal would become increasingly normal. For example, singing, dancing, shouting, erratic laughter at un-humorous things and kissing. The normalisation of previously unacceptable behaviour with the advent of alcohol shows the culture is almost willing to drop the stringent ‘unwritten laws’ they set up. It is at this point of drunkenness that a slight level intergroup and intersubgroup mixing takes place with A2’s becoming A1s and A1s dropping down to A3s as they get thrown out of the drinking establishment.

Politics People have a life outside this culture. It’s the bringing of elements from these lives to the pub culture that results in politics. A boy may fall out with a girl , not like another etc. and this may influence, especially in alphas, their subdivision, or overall popularity. Meltos Thoughts… People are all individuals and these broad grouping alpha, beta and gamma have been used simply to help understand behaviour. There are of course exceptions to every group, rule etc, with people falling between groups or outside categories completely.

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