Sherlock Holmes stories

The majority of Sherlock Holmes stories are narrated by Dr Watson. Dr Watson aspires to become like Sherlock Holmes, and admires his great intelligence. The fact that Watson seems Sherlock as a hero means the audience sees Sherlock in the same way, thorough Watson’s eyes. Hero’s, villains and criminals have always interested readers and audiences because they are aspects of life that they do not personally experience.

This means that Conan Doyle’s stories seem more appealing, as they venture in to the mystery and danger that you would never personally experience, such as:- “We must sit without light…. Do not go asleep; your very life may depend upon it” This quote shows the kinds of dangers Sherlock gets himself involved with. At this current point in time they have climbed through a window into a room in which a young girl died, and are waiting to see what happens. This in its self is a very strange act and something that most people would not dream of.

At the time of reading this, it appears to be a completely irrational and unnecessary task to take out, but still keeps a great interest from any reader who becomes eager to find out what Sherlock and Watson discover from their strange activities. Sherlock Holmes stories are all based in Victorian times, when living conditions were much different from current times, and therefore these stories also give an audience historical information, about items such as clothes, travel, food and interests.

Just the historical information is enough to interest a lot of readers, and give them a valid reason to go ahead and seek out these stories. “A good drive in a dogcart, along heavy roads. ” This gives evidence of travel and vehicles, which are no longer available to the public. “A lady dressed in black and heavily veiled” This gives us an idea of clothing that people may wear during everyday business, whereas in the current day, no women wear veils other than at weddings and possibly funerals.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have managed to maintain an interest for readers for centuries and I believe that they will continue to do so, due to the fact that they include so much mystery and suspense, as well as historical evidence. This large mixture of qualities enables the stories to interest a wide range of readers, and undoubtedly the infamous name of Sherlock Holmes will also help the stories to be just as popular during the next century.

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