The tragic hero

The tension is acute “His eyes were like tunnels”, “It was only a passion that had moved into his body” but there is no law for Eddie’s situation. However, the audience now realise Eddie’s dilemma is more deep rooted – his own family honour is at stake. Honour, another theme, must be maintained – insults to the family must be avenged. Eddie’s honour is at stake, Rodolpho’s “quaintness”, “he ain’t right”, they’re laughin’ at him on the piers”, “I’m ashamed” is the part of the reason Eddie does not want Catherine marrying him, because if she does then Rodolpho will be family and ‘they’ would be laughing at Eddie too.

“When I think of that guy laying his hands on her I could – I mean it’s eaten me out. ” This shows Eddie’s masculinity that he doesn’t want anything to go wrong and the fact that he must not be insulted in front of anyone and that his family must not let him down. When he says “it’s eaten me out” Eddie is implying that his anger is taking control of himself and that he can’t resist this. Eventually he becomes so frustrated that he doesn’t even care about Alfieri’s advice. This shows his anger and how quickly violence can take over his mind.

Eddie’s incest motive is hinted by Alfieri in the meeting when Eddie is talking about how fatherly he has treated her. He doesn’t realise that now Catherine is a women so he has to let her go, so Alfieri points out that, “She can’t marry you then, can she? ” This enrages fury inside Eddie because It can also be seen that Eddie is very jealous of Rodolfo since how close Rodolfo is with Catherine. Eddie cleverly uses excuses such as he is “blonde” and that he “sings” to make Rodolfo look bad in terms of Alfieri and to put a cover of homosexuality on Rodolfo.

However, Eddie is doing this because he is more closer to Catherine and he doesn’t want it that way. After meeting Alfieri for the first time, the audience can perceive Eddie’s turmoil and anger that comes out on the surface, in a way like a confession when he wants to let everything out. This shows that Eddie is also the type of character who doesn’t like to keep things in and it is better for him if other people know what he doesn’t like. In the beginning Eddie seeks Alfieri for advice but as things don’t go his way with the discussion his inability to listen to others; his stubborn, complex and irrational character all come out to light.

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