A Character represents

After Eddie leaves Alfieri’s office, Alfieri sits on his desk to talk to the audience. Alfieri sits on the desk to show the audience he is talking to them as a friend and that he is relaxed and has a more informal body language and also to make us trust him. Alfieri as a Chorus is giving the audience a better insight of what has happened and the things we wouldn’t know. A chorus in a Greek drama and was, a group of figures who had already seen the action which is being played, comments on it and speaks to the audience directly.

Alfieri as a Character represents the law and isn’t trusted by the people of Red Hook, but when Alfieri is speaking to Eddie he is not going straight to the immigration bureau and telling them there are two illegal Immigration people in Eddie’s house. he is sort of on not just the laws side but he is on the peoples side as well. Alfieri’s language suggests to us that he is an intelligent man and is very clever but he didn’t do anything to stop it. He just sat “Powerless and watched it run his bloody course” He repeats this at the start of the scene we are studying because there is nothing at all he can do.

He cant stop what he knows is going to happen, he even goes to an old wise lady and told her. The old lady is like an oracle of Greek literature. The oracle is able to see the course of future events and people go to seek advice of her, but nothing can be done to change them. Eddie in this play is just like the heroes of the classic Greek tragedy he was also a good man. He worked hard to provide for Catherine all his life. When Alfieri says he has a “Destiny” he has a much more heroic stature and what we know about Greek heroes he is bound to fall sometime in the play.

The first time the family had a meal without the immigrants Eddie had all the attention around him and there was room around the table for them all to sit down. There was also excitement for Catherine because she has just got a job and will be earning really good money. The second meal contrasts with the first one because they are the immigrants are eating with them with and everywhere is very cramped and tense. Also instead of all the attention on Eddie it is on the two immigrants, Eddie significantly moves away and sits on his rocker on his own with his newspaper.

Catherine talks about Marco and Rodolfo going to Africa because she is trying to break the silence and trying to say she likes to marry a man who has been places. Catherine is interested in the world beyond Brooklyn that she does not know and is taken by the fact that oranges and lemons grow on trees. Catherine has been brought up in a over protected environment and it also seems like Eddie has kept her locked up all her life. Eddie talks to Marco at this point and the significance of this is he could have talked to Rodolfo but doesn’t just because he doesn’t like him he is trying to ignore him at all times.

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