Proactive character

The picture only shows the top half of the male character and from the shoulders up of the women character. The male has no shirt or clothes over his upper body which reveals his muscular build, the male is attractive and has medium length hair. The women character is also attractive, she has long dark hair and is wearing upper body where as you can see a white strap over her right shoulder. The male character is positioned higher than the women and is looking down into the women’s eyes in a seductive way, the female has her head lifted looking into the males eyes.

With the male and female positioned liked this it shows that the male is a proactive character. The picture looks like the two characters are about to kiss. I think that this advert is aimed at people of all ages, but mostly younger people, and any socio economic backgrounds and many different races, this is because most people can wear perfumes and many people like wearing them. The main message which this advert gives out isn’t completely clear but i think that it is if you wear there perfume then you will be irresistible to women.

Covering the picture there is text, the text is large and easily readable, it takes up around a third of the page, it is split with the perfumes name on the top of the picture and the company name on the bottom. Although this advert couldn’t use sound, music or motions i still think that it is successful, i believe this because it helped to sell the product which it was advertising. Sex is used in this advert to help get the picture recognised, if the poster didn’t contain two young attractive people i don’t think people would have took much notice of it.

The third and last piece of media which i will be analysing is a posters which is advertising milk. The poster contains a young, attractive women which is stood facing the left of the poster, she has her top half unzipped which reveals a slight part of the side of her breast, i think this was done to catch the attention of males. Her top covers half of her abdominal area leaving the rest easily noticeable, she has one leg lifted with her other hand rested against the inside of it hold a half full glass of milk. The women has long blonde hair which looks like it is being blown back and has a seductive look on her face.

This advert would mainly be aimed at young males from teenagers onwards, this is because it is a young attractive women being used. Ii think that the advert is also aimed at all races and socio economical backgrounds as nearly everyone drinks milk. The poster contains text on the sides which is a question and facts, the text reads ‘Want strong bones? Your bones will grow until about age 35 and the calcium in milk helps. After that it helps keep them strong. Which means milk is always in fashion GOT MILK? ‘. The last two words highlight what the whole poster is about.

The underlying message in this poster is that if you drink milk you will be attractive, i don’t agree with this because there is no proof and there are many people who drink milk and are not attractive. I think that this advert is successful because it helps gets the attention of the general public who then end up reading the facts about milk. Sex is used in this advert to catch the attention of the public so they look at the young attractive female the read the text which is the message that this advert is trying to get across.

The sexual theme has been used for a long time in advertising and will carry on to be used for many years to come, it used to be that women where used to advertise in a sexual ways to catch they eye of the male public but now males are used just as much, males started being in adverts to catch they eye of the female public who are potential buyers to the product the company was selling. Young attractive people are used because they are who catch the eye of most of the public, it wouldn’t be the same using an old unattractive person in an advert, no offence but the general public just wouldn’t take as much notice.

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