Rachel, Sarah T, Elizabeth & Bethany

This scene was also set in court, and again, the status was shown very well. Danforth was portrayed as a powerful and stubborn man, and he keeps his head looking forwards at all times, he is never distracted from his work as he takes it very seriously. He stayed in the same position throughout the whole scene – sitting down in his chair. He was higher up than everyone else though, which showed status. However, he didn’t talk down to anybody, which proved that he had a lot of respect for other people in the court, and that he treated other people equally.

Even though he knew his own power and status, he showed that he respected others by talking to them in calm, patient tones. Lisa was playing the role of Abigail – who at this point in the play was hallucinating about seeing a bird looking down on her. Lisa played this part very well, as she stood at the front of the stage, a long way in front of the other actors. She was standing very still with her hands by her side, and her back straight. Her head was tilted upwards, and she was looking ahead and upwards, so that it was above the height of the audience.

This was very effective because a lot of the audience turned around to see what she was looking at – obviously there was nothing there, but it proved that she was doing a very convincing job. When Lisa said her lines, she said them in a very curious way, almost slurring her words, as if to show that she was unaware of everyone else being around her and watching her. If I were to play Abigail in this scene, I would try and be a bit more mysterious, and talk to the “bird” with more curiosity in my voice, to show that I was very confused.

Grace played the role of Mary Warren, and during the part of the scene where the girls repeat everything that Mary says; Grace played the part of Mary really well. When the girls first repeated everything that she was saying, the pitch of her voice went higher, to show that she was starting to panic. Also she started to look around herself nervously, and she was looking quickly from left to right, showing that she was distressed and panicking. As the girls carried on repeating, Grace’s voice had risen dramatically, and so had the volume of her voice.

By the end, when Grace said the line “STOP IT! ” she screamed it at the top of her lungs, and she threw her fists in the air to show how distraught she was. If I were to play the role of Mary Warren in this scene I wouldn’t have been able to improve it any more as I think Grace played it very well. In this scene, Danforth was trying to persuade Proctor to sign the petition, but Proctor was sticking to his beliefs and not doing it. Maz played the part of Danforth very well, and she showed her high status in a variety of ways.

One way was that she used a powerful, and persuasive voice and she spoke in short sentences showing that she was being impatient with Proctor. She raised her voice quite a lot, so that she was talking in a loud voice, this showed her power and intimidating side over Proctor. Proctor was sitting down in a chair, and Maz came round the back of the chair and stood behind Proctor, with her hands on Proctor’s shoulders, looking over Proctor, showing that he has a much higher status and is far more superior than Proctor.

If I were to play Danforth in this scene I would continue to raise my voice, but I wouldn’t speak like that continuously – I would lower the volume of my voice whilst I was asking Proctor questions, so that I didn’t intimidate him too much and so that he wouldn’t be too scared of me. Proctor stayed sitting down throughout the majority of the scene. When Danforth was behind, Becky looked nervous and she showed this in many ways. One way is that she had previously had her hands folded in her lap, but as soon as Danforth moved behind her she placed both hands on each knee and fiddled with her fingers, showing that she was nervous.

Also, when Maz was behind Becky, she lowered her head slightly to talk to her, and Becky moved her head away from Maz, and tilted her head away from her showing that she didn’t want to be in close contact with her. I think this worked really well because it was subtle but it showed really clearly how the two characters felt about each other. Becky spoke in a smaller voice than Danforth, but she made every word clear and she raised the pitch of her voice in various parts of the scene, which emphasised the points she was making.

She sat with her back straight and her head lifted high, but she didn’t stand up at all showing that she didn’t think her status should be levelled with Danforth’s. If I were to play the role of Proctor in this scene, I would have stood up a couple of times throughout the scene, but then sat back down again, this would show the audience that we weren’t of the same status, but it would involve movement into the scene, and it would prevent the scene from being too static.

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