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The second adverts music is from the Disney film, “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”. This makes the adverts’ atmosphere come across very light hearted and fun, but maybe a little immature. This music makes the advert feel more familiar and less threatening, which is what the first advert lacks. This is because everyone knows the theme tune because it originates from an extremely well known film. The music can also come across as mocking the headless people. We can tell this because it stops when the teacher shown on screen.

The sound of the teacher saying “I don’t think I would be much good at that.” again draws attention to the fact that he has a head, and brings humour to the advert because he is telling a joke. The teacher has no hair, therefore it won’t go static. Another significant sound is made when the TV presenter laughs. It is almost as if she is laughing at everyone going to work, and is an unpleasant sort of evil mocking. This is contrasted against the fun and cheerful laughs of the children and the teacher and makes the TV presenters laugh appear fake and sarcastic and indicates how rewarding teaching is.

The music and sounds from the adverts are completely different. The first advert has slow, even depressing music, whereas the second advert has fun, lively and happy music. The first adverts music appears to be aimed at the older generation because the music is classical, unlike the second advert, which is fun, and from a children’s film. The first advert has no significant sounds, whereas the second advert has quite a few. This could be because the second advert only has one voice over, so has other sounds to even it out when compared with the first advert, which has many voice-overs but no sounds.

Both adverts have very similar graphics. Each displaying the slogan, website address, phone number and logo at the end of the advert. Thus to keep the contact addresses and numbers fresh in the viewers mind in case they want to find out any more information. The first advert is more calm and serious, where as the second advert is more fun, cheery, happy and weird. The first advert is mort intellectual requires you to interact as opposed to the second advert being more visual and easy to watch though it does keep the viewer in suspense, waiting to know the significance of the headless bodies.

Both adverts use puns. In addition the first advert brings up modern relevant issues unlike the second advert, which is a lot more jokey and immature. Furthermore the second advert has a very simple, uncomplicated message whereas the first advert has a deeper more hidden meaning. Another point is that the first advert is more personal because it asks questions whereas the second advert is more familiar and less domineering because it has a theme tune that everyone knows and is more light hearted.

Of the two Teacher Training Agency adverts, the second advert is the one I think is most successful. I think this because in my opinion the adverts are aimed at pupils who have just done there GCSE’s or their A levels, and are at a cross roads in their lives where they want to decide what the want to be when they grow up. Therefore I think the second advert would be best suited to them because it is more fun, colourful, happy and humorous, which is what a young person of that age, is attracted to watch.

Another point is that the fist advert might appear boring to someone of that age because of the classical music, which is associated with the older generation, the dull and dark images and the deep questions. I believe that because of these things the first advert is more likely to put young people off from teaching, rather than persuade them to start. It is also my view that the first advert has a very inappropriate heading, because it originates from the quote “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”. However some might argue that the advert is saying that the quote couldn’t be more wrong.

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