CD cover

On the front cover I have chosen to put a long shot image of my artist, this is because to show the audience that she’s glamorous and in the centre of the stage posing so every one can look at her. The dress will be bright so that the audience will be focusing on her instead of the background. The artist will be doing a strong pose so people will know that she is confident and will be giving eye contact so there more likely the audience will buy the CD.

The representation of the artist is that she’s glamorous, wants to be the centre of attention and wants everybody to look at her. The props on the CD cover are the roses on the stage floor and the curtains; I have done this because to show the audience that everybody loves her that’s why people have thrown roses at her. The reason that I have chosen the curtains is to suggest that she has performed in front of a crowd, this links with the album title lights camera action. There is a spotlight on the artist this also links with the album name. The reason for the album name is that the name stands out and suggests that she’s on a movie set and she really famous.

The colour I have chosen for my album name is light yellow this because it will stand out against the red and the brown but not standing out that much because I want the audience to notice the artist more than the album name. My artist will be called Shantelle because it sounds glamorous and the font will be uppercase letters and bold so it will be clear to read. The colour for my artist name will be a deep yellow with a black shadow and the font will be curly and neat.

On the back of the CD cover it has makeup scattered around this will suggest to the audience that she’s glamorous and want everybody to know that. The tracks I have chosen are mostly love songs, so this will attract teenage girls who are the target audience. The font of the track listing is clear so everybody can read it. I have a bar code on the back also in make it look more professional like a big company has produced it. There is small print at the top left of the cover so that the audience will know who and when it was produced, the company is called Sony BMG which the logo is on the cover also and the year it was produced was 2009 and there’s a website so the audience can go on which is

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