The colour scheme

We would like to stick to the idea of having a colour scheme based on the logo colours. We feel it is brilliant and really enforces the colours of Typhoo Tea. However we feel we could add a bit more of this into the advert, but not too much. We are not planning to have everyone dressed in red and green with hair dyed to match. We want to keep it to a realistic level, just enough to highlight the colours.

The shots: We feel that we could really improve some of the shots of your advert considerably, so that they stand out even more, by just a few simple changes. We would like to take out some of your repetitive shots such as the bus with the Typhoo logo on it as we feel at present it is too plain and repetitive. It keeps on popping up all over the place, making it look as though the company ran out of ideas while making the advert so they decided to use the same shot four times during different parts of the advert to make it longer.

However that does not mean we want to get rid of all the repetitive shots. We very much like the one at the beginning zooming in on the man moving up and down in the bus queue as we feel this symbolises people being drawn inwards but after that all the zooming in and zooming out becomes a bit silly. It makes it look as though the person filming it has just learned to zoom and is practising his newly acquired skill whenever possible.

As we are aiming to increase the amount of Typhoo tea consumers we feel that it is necessary to expand the target audience for your product. The last thing you need is for a group of people to get the impression through the advert that the Tea is not made for or designed for them. At the moment it appears that Typhoo Tea is only designed for tall good looking working people, people who use public transport and retired people. If you’re going to sell your tea it is important that you make a change to this quick. You are missing out on a whole variety of tea drinkers.

We promise to take a hold of this situation as best we can. We hope to improve it by introducing new improved shots in school, at colleges, at home, and at hospitals. We are planning to have shots of people from all difference races and religions joining together drinking Typhoo Tea. We hope that this will help get the point across that whoever you are, no matter what your race, religion, job, age or lifestyle. We want to get the point across that Typhoo Tea is made for everybody and that you don’t have to be somebody senior or special in order to drink it.

We like the idea that you incorporate a lot of society in the advert. Using graphics of workman drinking tea after a long day, suddenly full of life and energy and are keen to keep it in the advert. However we don’t find it necessary to see a shot of two peoples feet swinging side to side in time to the music. We are keen on the woman dancing beneath the bulletin board advertising Typhoo tea it clearly states that Typhoo Tea is designed to refresh you and your body, it makes you feel so much younger and takes away of feelings of stress and anxiety.

We are particularly impressed with the way you round of your advert. We like the idea where you show a picture of the logo and we see a man drinking Typhoo Tea. It finishes of with a clear bold voice obviously belong to a man asking “Have you being refreshed by Typhoo lately?” We would very much like to keep this part of the original advert as we feel it is a brilliant question that sums up the whole advert.

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