Coca-Cola drink

My chosen Product is the Coca-Cola drink. I chose this particular product because it gives me many different options on how exactly to use it. I am certain I will be able to photograph this product because it is extremely popular and can be easily bought from many different shops. Three other products that are similar to my chosen product are. 1. Pepsi 2. Sprite 3. Tango Coca-Cola is the trademarked name (registered 1893) for a popular soft drink sold in stores, restaurants and vending machines around the world. It also more popularly known as “Coke”, Coca-Cola also registered a trademark on the distinctive bottle shape in 1960. Cans of Coke first appeared in 1955.

The “Coke” advertisements have been around for just under 100 years! Most of the first Coke posters simply featured Young women grasping a bottle of Coca-Cola, sometimes these posters had slogans. Just underneath the product Logo. The logo has remained the same for many years and today is one of the most easily recognizable logos worldwide. Over the years the products advertising theme has changed Many times, Once the company reverted back to one of there Most popular slogans but then decided to change it again 2 years later. Here is a list of the many slogans that have been used for the product since the year 1904: 1904: “Delicious and Refreshing”.

1929: “The pause that refreshes”  942: “It’s the real thing” 1963: “Things go better with coke” 1969: “It’s the real thing” 1971: “I’d like to teach the world to sing” 1976: “Coke adds life” 1978: “Have a coke and smile” 1982: “Coke is it” 1989: “Can’t beat the feeling” 1993: “Always Coca-Cola” 1996: “Eat football, Sleep football, Drink Coca-Cola” 2000: “Coca-Cola Enjoy” 2001: “Life tastes good” More recently the drink and its advertising campaigns have had significant impact on Western culture. The current American image of Santa Claus, for example, as a fat jolly bearded old man in a red and white suit comes from a Coca-Cola advertisement.

From the adverts I can Identify that the target audience is mainly For young people that have a busy lifestyle and maybe could do with a boost of energy to keep them going. I decided that the target audience is for young people due to the fact that many of the adverts have young people in them, ranging from mainly women in their Teenage years and women in their 20’s. Some of the adverts could be considered slightly sexist due to the scantly clad women that were properly there to catch young men’s attention. My target audience for my photographs would be a young age range just like the adverts. 5 Adjectives that describe my target audience are: The characteristics that I need to bring to my imagery to make it appeal to the target audience is a certain element of style, I should also make sure to include the official Coca-Cola logo.

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