Arthur Miller & story

Parris summons Reverend Hale of Beverley, and asks him to come and prove that the rumours of witchcraft are untrue. On his arrival, he inspects Betty and Ruth Putnam and decides that it may be evil spirits that are responsible for all this, even though we know that Betty is actually pretending to be corrupted, to protect herself from being whipped. He questions Abigail and Tituba about the night they were found in the forest, we find out that Abigail drank chicken blood, a charm she had asked Tituba to make to kill Goody Proctor.

Tituba lies and confesses to working for the devil, saying that he forced her, because she knows that if she didn’t confess she would be hanged. She and Abigail give a list of names of people in the village that they say they saw with the devil. Ann Putnam asked her only daughter, Ruth, to go to Tituba and ask her to induce the spirits of her seven unborn babies that she had lost over the past years, to see if she could find out why they died.

Elizabeth Proctor has tried to forgive her husband for cheating but she finds it hard and her suspicion rises again every time Abigail’s name is mentioned. The church is converted into a courtroom and the names given by Tituba and Abigail are arrested and asked if they have ever come in contact with the devil. If they confess they are thrown into jail for a long time, if they do not they are hanged.

If anyone in the village is found acting strangely they are arrested and questioned the same as the first, in front of three judges. Abigail and the girls who are found in the forest sit in the courtroom and pretend to faint etc. whenever an accused is near, to make it look like they are being corrupted by them. Abigail sets up Elizabeth and she is arrested from her home but when they find that she is pregnant they give her another nine months to live.

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