Myface Review

Before the play began, action was taking place on stage. A gorilla sat centre stage of a proscenium arch, typing on a computer, there was fast, upbeat pop music playing and the whole of the stage was lit up the lights and music slowly faded, the curtain opened onto two characters stood by tables and six other characters were sat in a neutral position on top of their tables, the tables were arranged in an arrow head the backdrop was of the cast in the form of caricature.

The gorilla stands up and walks upstage and sits on top of its table. Marc takes the gorilla’s former position, he is lit with a spotlight, one other character onstage is lit, and there is a brief still image before Susie starts to speak, she breaks the fourth wall and is forming of the plot, and this is narrating. Marc then takes over role of narrator and continues to tell the audience all about the social networking site “Myface” and the person who owns and created it.

Marc and Susie start to have a conversation on their computers, they mime typing on a computer keyboard, but also speak the words their typing. They are both lit and but the rest of the cast are in darkness. Marc then once again breaks the fourth wall, he pulls down his computer screen and asks the question “what the is a terrapin?” Susie then introduces her next Myface friend Lou. Lou is dressed in a gorilla costume; she breaks the convention of the chat room by asking Marc to help her get her gorilla costume off.

Marc then multi roles and becomes the character he has invented called Dave, he makes the change of identity by jumping from one point to another on stage, he shows the audience he has made the change of identity through his body language and facial language. When he becomes Dave he takes out the prop of a P.D.A to show his character is cool. There is also a running gag when Marc becomes Dave; he pulls down his trousers to reveal his underwear.

Susie then introduces Sam, her next Myface friend. He is wearing glasses and a white shirt and has very flat, fluffy hair. His costume and appearance suggests he is a geek. Susie tells the audience Sam is a friend of Lou’s, at this point the rest of the cast leave what their doing and wink very broadly and simultaneously. Susie tells us Sam and Lou are in love with each other. Sam and Lou then simultaneously put their arms on their table rest their heads on their hands and sigh deeply. Susie then tells us “they are too shy acknowledge it” Sam and Lou’s body language then changes they once again simultaneously hunch their bodies and look at the floor.

Lou and Susie get very excited when Sam punches Lou using Myface; they break the convention of the computer chat room, get out of their seats, high five each other then spin around in a circle screaming. Another one of Susie’s friends then come online, Emma gets off her table and sits on her stool this symbolises she has come online. Emma is the only Myface friend Susie does not introduce; she is also the only friend Susie doesn’t really like, so in my opinion that is why she doesn’t introduce her as she regrets accepting her as a Myface friend.

The atmosphere changes here, the audience are intrigued and interested by what Susie is telling them about the new characters, but with Emma, Susie isn’t interested with her so as an audience you distance yourself from her. Emma is a very low status character, you can tell by her body language and facial expressions, she sits very hunched and doesn’t seem very comfortable even in her own space.

Susie then introduces her last Myface friend Pete, who is her brother. He is wearing a Wolverhampton wanderer’s football strip, this shows his character is sporty and supports the wolves. Pete is the only character who uses his mobile phone to talk to his Myface friends. Susie then tells the audience to say hello to the audience at this point Susie, Lou, Marc, Pete, Emma and Sam jump out of their seats, break the convention of the computer chat room, break the fourth wall, and come and say hello to the audience. Once this is over Susie claps her hands and tells her friends to be quiet this is a sign she’s high status as everyone else does as she says.

She then invites all her friends to a party; their responses help you establish their character. Lou replies very quickly, very confidently this shows she obeys Susie and wouldn’t want to offend her, Emma is very wary of the offer and is very grateful this shows she is quite shocked to be asked to the party, but is very happy to be coming. Sam replies with “I bit Lou using the werewolf application” this shows he wasn’t really paying attention and is wrapped up in his own little world. Marc replies “really thrilled” into his computer because there is no emotion indicator in chat rooms Susie takes him seriously and is happy marc wants to come. Whereas Marc speaks the phrase “really thrilled” in a very sarcastic way so the audience take it that he doesn’t really want to go. Pete replies with “of course” this shows he was expecting an invitation so he seems quite cocky.

There isn’t much I could criticise apart from I didn’t like the still image Susie, Lou and Emma created during their fight, however I understand keeping a fight underway for so long would have been very difficult. I thought the issue of the scene changes was dealt with very well, and the music really complimented the action. I also thought that Marc and Pete’s fight was very realistic and believable.

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