Actor and Stephanie Charles

We also used a tiny bit of physical theatre, from where we were acting out our fingers being moved on the glass by the spiritual existence there with us. This helped me to understand my part, because I realised how tense some of the group must of felt in the real situation, and how they began to see it as a bad idea. I also understood the terror and anxiety of the real situation, and how it felt to know something was there with you.

This helped me to understand the play, for I realised how emotionally wrecked and terrified Mr Kipps would have been when he experienced horrible, creepy noises, haunts and nightmares because of the woman in black trying to get her revenge. It also helped me to see that some situations are just best left alone, such as the mystery of the woman in black, or you will be left emotionally scarred. It also helped us to emphasise with Kipps, and understand how to tell a story in different ways.

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Another important lesson is number 4, when we performed the memorable part to us. Our group did the part when the child died. I was the woman in black, and Stephanie Orphord was the door, and held up her fist to represent the door handle. Stephanie Charles was the one who tried to open the nursery door. I went behind the curtains, and I had to make sure my timing was right, so I knew when to scream. I also did all the banging, to represent the rocking chair.

Stephanie Charles heard this banging, and went towards the door to try and open it, using the torch on her mobile phone. This helped me to see when she was near the door. She walked away from the door, and I started the banging again, and the second time she turned the door handle I screamed, to represent the death on the pony and trap of Stella and her child that Arthur kept on experiencing. At the end, we went to the scene when I jumped out from behind the curtain, to represent the child and Stella dying on the pony and trap. Stephanie Charles was narrating from the part when they were riding the pony and trap, and I had to jump out when she said ‘I saw her’.

The explorative strategies we used was physical theatre when Stephanie was being the door. Physical theatre is when you tell the story through physical terms. This explorative strategy helped us to understand how to make our performance better, and how it limited the amount the amount of props you need to use if you use yourself. It also helped me to understand the play, because I saw how using yourself can really make it seem effective. For example, in the play when Arthur was calling for spider, the dog. There was not actually anything there, but he made it really realistic and everyone in the audience looked around because they thought a dog was there.

We also used narrating and role play. The narration helped us to understand how Kipps must have felt when he was telling the story of the woman in black, and how uncomfortable and upset he would have been. It also helped us to understand it is very important for the narrator to project their voice well, or the audience would not hear them, and this could stop them from understanding the story properly.

One more explorative strategy we used was role play. When I took on the role of the woman in black, it helped me to see why children died when their parents saw her twice. Jennet had to watch her child die, and she never got the chance to be a mother or even have a small connection. There was nobody there to help her child. The woman in black is basically saying if she never got the chance to be a proper mother to her child, the why should anybody else? She also had to watch her own child die, so other people should have to watch their children die. My part in my performance also helped me understand that Jennet Humphry did not have a very fair life, and had to pretend to be someone else. I understood the heartbreak she went through.

Another activity we did was the urban legend. We did not actually perform this to everyone, because we did not really sort different roles properly. Me, Sophie and Mica were doing the narrating, Kay Leigh was the woman who stopped people and Stephanie Orford and Stephanie Charles drove the car. Because there were three narrators, we took turns and split what we were saying equally. We mainly used chairs for the car and the motorbike, and everybody else made the noises of the motorbike and the screaming.

Explorative strategies we used were physical theatre, narrating, thought tracking and role play. The screaming noises we made built up lots of suspension, and the narrating made us realise if we want to make it scary, it depends on the way we tell it. It also helped us to understand the tension of telling it. We also had to make sure what we were saying made sense, and fit in well to what was happening, otherwise the performance would all go wrong if we did it.

The physical theatre helped us understand the pain and terror the two motorbike riders would have felt and how severe the accident was. Thought tracking also helped us to understand feelings and emotions of the people in the car when they got stopped by the hitchhiker, and how extremely petrified the driver would have felt when they followed the woman into the mist, and heard a motorbike coming towards them that was not really there. This helped me to understand the play and Arthur, and how frustrated, worried and scared he felt when he kept on hearing the pony and trap followed by the screaming of a child and a woman.

Role play helped us all to understand the desperation the woman would have felt waiting for someone to drive along so they could help her boyfriend. Nobody would come along for ages in the middle of nowhere, and her boyfriend would be getting worse every minute. This relates to the play, and helps me to understand how desperate Arthur would have been for help when Stella was dying of her terrible injuries. His son had already died, and I understood how he really did not want her to die, for he would be alone.

Development phase In my group, there was me, Sophie Moore, Stephanie Orphord and Stephanie Charles. We split our performance into five different scenes. We made our performance length between long and short length, because we wanted to make it just the right length so we kept the audience watching.

Our introduction was very short, and only needed two people. These were Stephanie Orford who was playing the actor, and Stephanie Charles who was playing Mr Kipps. We did this at the beginning to show the connection between them from the woman in black, and to show the tension between them and the audience. It also showed that Mr Kipps was the most important character, and that he had an important story to tell. This would keep the audience watching for they would wonder how the nightmare would be displayed. The lighting we used was a bright, white spot light so the audience could see their connection properly. It represents nothing, and completely calms the audience down, for they think nothing will happen, and will make their tension go higher when something happens in the next scene which they won’t be expecting. We did not use any explorative strategies in this scene, for it was too short.

In scene one, I am a door, and I hold up my fist to represent the door handle. Stephanie Orford is representing Mr Kipps who hears the banging, and tries to open the door. Sophie Moore hides behinds the curtains and does the banging. Stephanie Charles was not in this scene. In this scene, we thought that Sophie should do the banging behind the curtain for me, because it would create tension in the audience, for they would not know where it was coming from, and it would of looked better than me standing there doing it with my foot, for the tension and suspense would be ruined in the audience.

Stephanie Orford at this point was walking slowing, carefully and cautiously with a curious and shocked look on her face, and she did this to create a suspense in the audience and to keep them watching, for they would wonder what was there too. When Stephanie Orford went to grab for the door handle, she did it very slowly and anxiously, which would keep on building up the suspension in the audience, for they would be waiting for something to happen.

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