Gucci – Titled Pubic Enemy

The Gucci poster as like the Wonderbra one is clearly using nudity and sex but taking it to the extreme. Here model Louise Pederson is pictured with few clothes on pulling down her knickers revealing a branding with her pubic hair shaved into the Gucci trademark “G” symbol, whilst being pushed against the wall by a male model. The young man has a dreamy expression on his face and looks very young and almost nervous.

This poster is the latest campaign from Gucci and was created by Tom Ford, who was also behind the Yves St Laurent Opium perfume advert, with Sophie Dahl wearing nothing but a pair of high-heeled shoes and posing very provocatively. Gucci have used a very controversial image without any words to create as much publicity as possible, This poster will certainly do that the public will be discussing the art of it or the vulgarity of it.¬†Gucci is meant to be selling clothes and you do not get much of an idea of the styles from this advert it is an advert that is just getting it’s name noticed through shocking and provoking the public and causing controversy, which results in even more publicity.

I do feel that the woman in this picture is confident and in control. This shows that by the way she is standing which is her legs are casually apart and her body is relaxed, she is holding her underwear for him, and the lad is merely doing as she requests. I do not feel this is particularly demeaning to women because she is in control. Most modern women these days are far more open sexually and know what they want and Tom Ford is displaying his awareness of this by showing that the sexual equations are changing.

I personally do not any particularly strong feeling about it, but I do find it rather amusing of the guts Gucci have to put it out. I also do feel that as a mother I would not like to have to explain that to my child. It is just a little to sexual and very close to something you would find in an adult magazine. We try to protect these sorts of images from our children in magazines and on the television and here is one that can easily be seen by children when stood at a bus stop or out in the car.


Concluding this assignment I would like to emphasise the importance of the poster and the power it has to pass information on to the public. Whether we like it or not they are a very powerful tool and we do notice them consciously or sub consciously, they have the power to communicate to us and manipulate us. All the posters want to be effective and the originators do this in modern posters by using sex and nudity and provoke shock, which even without any information on it we know exactly what company it is advertising, a very good company to use as an example is Benneton. The more it is used the more we as a public seem to accept.

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