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Abigail realises that Tituba has been let off by confessing and Abi wants to be sure that she is not going to be accused of being a witch by anyone. In Abigail’s stage directions it states “she rises and starts as though inspired” Abi then says, “I want to open myself! ” The stage directions are Abigail will be “enraptured as though in a pearly light” Miller attempts to create the effect of heaven shining down on Abigail as she is breaking free of the Devil. The lighting dramatises the scene by shining a white light down on Abigail.

Her devious side is confirmed but the blame has again been shifted to another. Betty has now realised that she must confess to save herself from been believed to be a witch therefore killed. She suddenly springs to life and begins a distinctive witch-like chant. This is shown when the stage directions state that the chant soon becomes very “hysterical”, implying that Abigail’s confession has made Betty well again. All the other girls that were involved in the act that took place in the forest now join in with the chanting and the atmosphere soon becomes chaotic with many of the characters now shouting.

For instance Parris is shouting “a prayer of thanksgiving” Now Parris’ holy words at this point have no effect on Betty although the characters do not notice. This is evidence by Miller to the audience implying that both Abigail and Betty are not being sincere. All of the girls dancing in the forest have now confessed in order to save themselves. Act one comes to an end with all girls condemning another innocent women. In the last scene Miller uses stichomythia to create a fast pace which shows the hysterical situation is out of control.

Also the accusations are rushed resulting in the audience not taking them very seriously. When the girls are accusing innocent women of being witches they repeat the word “Devil”, which maintains the seriousness of their claims. The way the person that is mentioned first is usually the one who would be most remembered by the other characters but in this case all the people are mentioned to be seen with the Devil therefore making the other characters believe they are witches. Miller’s last device in Act One is when the curtain falls and the girls carry on shouting, with the stage directions “ecstatic cries”.

The audience is left in shock because of the sudden end of a fast sequence of events and sudden tension that was built up on the final stages of Act one. The irony and events in act one are only a precursor of the climax in act three. In “The Crucible” the playwright Arthur Miller uses many techniques to attract and maintain the audiences’ interest. These consist of dramatic irony, which is used since the audience know that Abigail is only accusing members of Salem of been witches in order to save herself.

Miller also uses stichomythia, lighting, the stage directions and choice of characters to attract the audience. Miller wants to attract his audience to convey his message to the audience when McCarthyism was at its peak. Miller believed that McCarthyism was wrong, he wishes to show his dissatisfaction with the political situation in his contemporary America. He wants to show the audience not to support McCarthyism as it is wrong, it is very similar to the situation 300 years earlier in Salem.

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