Dramatic and tragic

An example of someone who knows the truth, but will no let it be known for his own selfish reasons, is Danforth. While Danforth does not come into the play until much later, I still think he is blameworthy. He is a clever man and must have been aware of what was going on, if not from the start, then at least from when Elizabeth Proctor tells her lie. He has the power to stop what is happening, yet to protect his reputation, he continues to sentence innocent people to death, and believes Abigail’s lies. Others try to persuade him not to, however, for his own selfish reasons, he prevails.

I think there is some relevance in today in “The Crucible” A crucible is a container in which metals are heated to extract the pure element from dross or impurities. In the play John Proctor is “purified” and people today have similar experiences. It is also true to say that there are attempts to “purify” societies, for example having only white people in Britain. In some instances, such as McCarthyism, witch hunts still exist. Lead by Senator Joseph McCarthy a committee had the power to investigate anyone who had been a communist sympathiser at any point in their life.

Many people still have strong beliefs which influence their decisions, although they are not necessarily belief in witchcraft. Lying and adultery still happen and play their part in society. People still rebel against their way of life, and many of the moral dilemmas covered in the play are still relevant today. For example can lying ever be justified? Is it right for a 30 year old to be sexually involved with a 17 year old? We can relate to the actions of the characters in the play in these situations.

In some countries capital punishment still exists, although not in the form of hanging. Courts are still be wrong, like when people falsely accuse other people, when people give false witness and when judges make the wrong judgement. It is rare for everyone in a town to share the same religion and for people to live in such strict communities nowadays, although it does still happen. I think that “The Crucible” is still relevant to us today and we can still relate to character’s actions in certain situations. “that’s my last duchess painted on the wall. The rhyme scheme is ABABB

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