The Manipulator and The Brainwasher

Why do manipulators use this awful technique? The leaders use these techniques because they want to be powerful, want to be known, to have fame, to have money, to have what they desire and for revenge. Abigail didn’t use these horrible techniques to be powerful, to have wealth, to have fame but she used these techniques to satisfy her needs. She was selfish and jealous because she wanted to have John Proctor all to her self and her main reason is to get rid of Elizabeth for good.

Elizabeth is the one holding Abigail back what she wants and desires the most, John Proctor. This just shows us how deadly manipulators can be using this nasty device to play games with the human mind. The manipulators are willing to go to the extreme to get want they want and desire. Abigail William being a powerful and strong manipulator that she is, she got stronger throughout the play by absorbing the fears of the girls. Abigail single handedly took over the court into her own hands with that the lives of the innocence people fate.

Abigail is a true master of the technique manipulating the minds (brainwashing) of people. But it shows that the manipulators plan and action can go against you. Abigail’s plan blew up in her own face when John Proctor was arrested and later hanged. Like Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton, Jr. explains it in their book what to expect when you are being manipulated: We make the brain perfect before we blow it up. No one whom we bring to this place ever stands out against us.

Everyone is washed clean. There is nothing left in them except sorrow for what they have done and love the manipulator. It is touching to see how they love the manipulator. They beg to be shot quickly so that they can die while their minds are still clean. (15) No matter how you interpret this word “brainwashing” or going around asking people what this means, it all comes down to bad, evil and disgusting. This word makes a difference in how you see the people and how the people see you.


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