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I think that Arther Miller’s idea of using Alfieri in “A view from the bridge” is a successful idea and very effective. If the play didn’t have Alfieri, it wouldn’t have made sense and I would have missed out so much: We wouldn’t be giving an unbiased view of the action because the sympathy shown to Eddie comes from Alfieri. Without Alfieri, the play would be very different. It is after all his view from the bridge. Without Alfieri we would lose the role of the commentator, because no one else in the play could carry out a part like his.

We simply wouldn’t be guided in the right direction and would get the meaning of the play wrong. As well as these reasons we would also lose the opening and the conclusion, as Alfieri gives them both to us, meaning we would miss out all the background information. For example: “Yale himself was cut precisely in half by a machine gun on the corner of a union street”. This quote reveals how dangerous the area was just with one sentence by Alfieri. Without him in the play we wouldn’t know anything about the area in which the play was set.

Therefore if we missed the background information, we wouldn’t get the true meaning planted by Arthur Miller. Alfieri seemed very important to Miller as the main part and the main role was given to Alfieri. Even if he wasn’t acting or even in most of the scenes he set up the whole play for the audience. Although Eddie is the main character in this play and is the tragic hero. To me it seems Alfieri’s role is just as important as Eddie to Arthur Miller, we too must see the importance of him, to grasp and capture the true meaning of the play.

I think Alfieri is a very believable character. Occasionally he talks directly to the audience, he also blends in well with the other characters when he is being apart of the play. He is constantly in touch with the audience. For example: “after all who have dealt in my life? ” he asks a question to the audience directly which don’t need to be answered, but gets the audience thinking and concentrating on the play. There is nothing unbelievable about Alfieri, he works to earn a living and he has feelings like everyone else would.

This makes him more life-like. At times he loses character to become a real person. This way the audience should understand how he feels. Alfieri is an honest and open character and tells the story thoroughly, clearly and very well, but sometimes he twists his words to get the audience thinking and keep them up to track. He also explains the message of the play effectively. The message that Alfieri gives is very clear and a good way to explain it. He said:”it’s better to settle for half”.

I think this is the main message of the play, but I also think there are many more messages twisted in the lines that Alfieri says. He explains his closing speech and makes his statement clearer by saying this line: “it’s better to settle for half, it must be! ” I think he says this because if Eddie had settled with Rodolpho and Catherine’s relationship and dealt with it, he wouldn’t have died in the end of the play and it wouldn’t have been a tragedy. Although Eddie is wrong Alfieri admires his determination because he didn’t give up.

I think that this is brave and a good thing to have inside of you. He was determined to get his love back, and he never gave up. I respect him for his decision, but at the end he got killed. He was a brave person and very determined. Eddie stuck with his opinion and never gave up. Everyone in the play thought he was wrong but I still respect him and so would Alfieri. Alfieri would still show respect for Eddie because he is very understanding. But at the end Eddie didn’t compromise with Rodolpho and Catherine’s relationship and got himself killed. The play explained the message very well.

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