Great Expectations

Miss Havisham in a very depressed state as her life came crashing down. As in the text, it is described that she left everything where it was that day and the ‘clocks had all stopped at 9:29’ also Miss Havisham was wearing the same clothes she intended to wear for her wedding. The food from the reception that she had planned to serve had remained in the place. It was laid out for the wedding reception subsequently the food was now rotting and decaying, the smell would have been horrendous as she had not moved the food for some time and the drapes were all shut allowing limited air to flow through the room.

She had one shoe on showing that this was when news of her future husband must have reached her. All of these points show that Miss Havisham is a very lonely woman. I think she is a very emotional lady after her husband left her because he must have been the love of her life, as her whole world stopped at that point and now she wasn’t living she was just existing after the shock of her husband leaving her.

I have most sympathy for Pip as he has been threatened and been assaulted by Magwitch also his sister treats him badly and he has no parents. Also the fact he has lost his brothers and sisters make me feel sorry for him as I can appreciate having brothers and sisters but, for pip to have had them and now all he can see is five stones in the ground must very upsetting. Because of all of this, he must be lonely since he has no close living relatives aside from his sister who is not very pleasant to him.

I also believe that he is quite desperate to find out what his parents were like, as he had never saw them and he had to count on the letters on their graves to tell him. On the other hand also feel sorry for Miss Havisham because she has lost the will to live because she had been left before she even finish getting ready for the wedding. The fact that she has left the room like it was on the wedding must mean her world had stopped consequently she is no longer living but just existing.

However, I do not feel sorry for Magwitch, as I believe it was his own fault he was put in prison and the fact he threatened pip by holding him upside down unforgivable so no matter what he had been through I do not feel sorry for him. On the whole the techniques portrayed in great expectations is a great example of the techniques used by Charles dickens as it shows his flair for writing and bring depth to his characters by building up a background story for his characters.

Also using real life experiences means the reader can connect with them on a personal level meaning you can feel most sorry for them, also the use of sympathy keeps you in contact with the story as it keeps you interested in the plot. Overall, I believe Charles dickens sympathetic devices work very well in this novel and makes the novel what it is adding different dimensions and feelings through out the novel.

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