The Speckled Band John Walsh

Writers of crime stories have to make the reader feel tense and excited to keep them interested. Arthur Conan Doyle makes the story interesting and tense by introducing key scenes which include firstly at Baker Street when Holmes rushes into Watson’s bedroom, Dr. Roylotts sudden arrival, Dr. Roylotts brutal behaviour towards his young servant, Holmes and Watson’s meeting with the baboon, Dr. Roylotts light goes on and they hear a hissing sound in the background, Holmes suddenly jumps up and attacks the snake, they find Dr.

Roylott dead in his chair with the snake wrapped around his head. Helen looks very pale, she wears black all the time and her behaviour is as if she is frightened and very nervous and quoted “her face all drawn and grey with restless frightened eyes like those of some hunted animal”. Dr. Roylotts appearance is of a very huge looking man and his behaviour is very powerful and threatening. An example of this is when he bends the iron poker with his bare hands.

Holmes’ appearance in his face is sometimes pale and tense and his behaviour sometimes nervous and dramatic. Helen’s way of speaking is very nervy and frightened and quoted “it is fear, Mr. Holmes, it is terror”. Dr. Roylotts language is very threatening and violent as quoted ” I am a dangerous man to fall foul of! ” Holmes’ way of speaking is often dramatic, full warnings and anxious comments. He whispers a lot and yells a lot at the end.

Arthur Conan Doyle creates a sense of drama and danger by creating a mood of atmosphere by creating a scene when they walked to the big house instead of talking normally they whisper and then suddenly a baboon runs across in front of them leaving them in terror and feeling very frightened and when Holmes and Watson are in Helen’s room and are waiting in the dark and they hear all the different sounds, for example, when the cheetah is scratching and the snake is hissing and they are sitting there in complete silence but they are both terrified.

I think the ending was very good, it was very powerful and dramatic. It kept me interested and made me read it right to the end.

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