Holmes with his partner Doctor Watson

A damsel in distress is the main way of describing Helen Stoner. She is a young woman who has suffered from grey under not age but fear. She is under a typical situation when the stepfather has a scam that will benefit him even if it might involve killing. Helen seeks aid off the clever Sherlock Holmes as she has heard the word that Holmes is the best detective in England. She is hoping for a solution for her life-threatening problem. Not only is it that she knows Sherlock his a good detective but she has no one else to turn to.

With her close relatives dead, her sister gone and her stepfather the source of all this aggravation, she has no choice but to come to this stranger whom she ahs never seen or spoken to. Another problem that is annoying her is that her stepfather is violent towards her this also puts more danger into the case. As Holmes examines her wrist she tells him that Dr Roylett had grasped her she explains, “he is hard man and perhaps he hardly knows his own strength. ” Although in this difficult matter the story would not be a story if the hero that is Detective Sherlock Holmes resolved the heroine’s problems.

The other typical feature or a heroine is that she is related to the victim of the murder. It was a close relationship between Helen and her sister. This made Helen feel that it was compulsory to say something to someone. They were not only sisters but also best friends as well. They met in each other’s rooms behind Roylett’s back and this meant they shared close secrets with each other. There was also another reason for Helen to come to Holmes for held. The reason was that she was worried for her life. Just as her sister was getting engaged the tragedy happened and now she was getting engaged she had to move into her lost sisters room.

She believed that this was not a coincidence so she did the right thing and asked Sherlock for his expertise. Dr Roylett is a very, very typical villain. Right from the beginning of the story it makes out simply that he is short tempered, violent and string. With out these characteristics the opposing force could not have any effect what so ever on Holmes or Helen. He is also capable of murder two times. The first was when he literally beat his own butler to his death and the second was when he killed his own stepdaughter Julia the victim of the story.

Not only this but he keeps a baboon and a cheetah and lets them roam around the grounds. This makes him feared by the nearby village people and his daughters who have to lock their doors at night. He shows his aggression by bending the fire poker to show his mighty strength in front of his enemy in this scene. Its not his aggression that makes him so evil its what he did to Stock Moran where he lives. He use to be one of the wealthiest men in England at the time but he gambled it all to support his drinking.

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