Duggestive and intimidatin

Mr. Birling has a few jokes with the inspector, expecting he was just there because of trouble with a warrant “well, what can I do for you? Some trouble about a warrant?” The inspector replies “No, Mr Birling”. At this point Mr.Birling is becoming impatient. “Well, what is it then?” Here the inspector gradually builds up tension; he then gives the idea that they are being questioned on the death of a young woman. “I’d like some information, if you don’t mind, Mr Birling. Two hours ago a young woman died in the infirmary. She’d been taken there this afternoon because she’d swallowed a lot of strong disinfectant”. Here the inspector explains his purpose for being in their home.

Sheila Birling The inspector addresses Sheila in a very calm way to begin with. The inspector makes Sheila feel guilty, by being very suggestive and intimidating. “All she knew was- that a customer had complained about her- and so she had to go”. At this point Sheila is slightly worried because she remembers complaining about a young girl. “What – what did this girl look like?” The inspector shows her the photograph Sheila recognises it, sheds a tear and runs out. This is a dramatised part of the play. The inspector tells Sheila that he had and idea that it’s was her “I had an idea that it might be – from something the girl herself wrote.” Sheila felt that at the time she did nothing wrong.

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Mrs Birling When dealing with Mrs Birling, the inspector first shows her the picture of the girl although Mrs Birling feels she has no reason to se it. “I don’t see any particular reason why I should.” Next Mrs Birling shows her stubborn side by refusing to admit that she recognises the girl. She becomes very rude when she says “I beg your pardon!” The inspector does not portray a very caring attitude towards Mrs Birling’s status. “Don’t you stammer and yammer at me again, man. I’m losing all patients with you people, what did she say?” the inspector starts to become quite angry so he starts to become quite arrogant.

This scene is dramatic when the inspector starts to lose his temper and comes across as rude. The scene is brought to a climax when Mrs Birling realises that the father of Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton’s child might be her son Eric. “But surely… I mean… it’s ridiculous.” Mrs. Birling is finally starting to understand. Eric Birling The entrance of Eric on stage in Act 3is particularly dramatic when the inspector takes control as the relationship between Eric and Mr Birling becomes quite tense. “Stop! And be quiet for a moment and listen to me…” Eric and Mrs Birling are also creating a tension between themselves.” Then- you killed her.” Eric makes his mother feel very guilty about what she’s done.

“No-Eric -please – I dint know- I didn’t understand-” Eric confessed to stealing money from the office. “I got it – from the office- .” Mr Birling thought that the best thing Eric should have done was to come to him for help. “Why didn’t you come to me when you found yourself in this mess?” Eric reassures him that he’s not the type of father you can turn to in times of trouble. “Because you’re not the kind of father a chap could go to when he’s in trouble – that’s why.” The inspector says that they can settle their disagreement when he’s gone. “You’ll be able to divide the responsibility between you when I’ve gone”. Conclusion Overall, I think that there was a lot of dramatic tension the play.

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