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Katherina is beginning to realise that men are seen as more superior than women and that women should obey and respect men. In the speech she says some things that are quite sarcastic and I think that she is mocking the overall attitude that the women should be the ones who bow down to their husbands. She knows deep down that she’s quite dominant and isn’t going to change for anyone, but she’s just putting this act on to keep everyone happy.

Earlier in the scene when Petruchio calls her she doesn’t come immediately surely if she was a true obedient little wife she would come on command. I think this is entertaining for the audience because they can see that Katherina is just playing up to what Petruchio wants but the other characters aren’t seeing it. As Petrucho is going to bed with Katherina he says to Lucentio “’twas I won the wager, though you hit the white, And being a winner, God give you good night”

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I think that it was amusing how he was saying to Lucentio, yes you got Bianca, the one they were both after, but I won the wager showing that Katherina is now more obedient towards men and does what they say, whereas Bianca didn’t. This shows that Petruchio really is believing her act. I also liked the way he said “And being a winner” rubbing it in to Lucentio again, however he doesn’t actually have the last laugh, the audience do because they know that Lucentio probably did get the best girl in the end.

I think that rounds Petruchio’s character off nicely because he thinks he is getting the last laugh, and proudly walks off stage smugly. So to conclude, I think that Shakespeare does a good job of entertaining his audience and keeping the humour varied to keep everyone happy. He manages to lower the tone in the play from ‘jokey’ to serious well. All through the play he uses lots of different types of humour and uses lots of dramatic devices to entertain further.

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