Victorian style

There is a lot of contrast in the Birling household after the Inspector leaves, the older generation are criticised by the younger generations as being cruel and stubborn people because they didn’t change their views on Eva’s suicide. The older Birlings are undermined buy the younger ones and it seems to me that the younger can’t trust the older ones anymore. The older Birlings keep getting challenged and questioned by the younger Birlings because the younger Birlings don’t think their parents are fair.

The true nature of the older Birlings comes out when they are being interrogated by Inspector Goole as being rich people who think they can do anything to anyone and think they can get away with it. Also as well as the older Birlings being criticised by the younger Birlings, the younger Birlings were criticised by the older ones as being too impressionable. In the play it shows Eric and Sheila showing more maturity than their parents do in their roles in the suicide and shows that they are ready to take the punishment from it.

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When the Inspector talks to each one separately the younger generation admit their part in it, i. e. Eric embezzled i?? 50 from his dad’s company or Sheila getting Eva sacked from the place where they both worked. The Inspector is like a counterpart for Priestley as being his mouthpiece. The Inspector is speaking to the Birlings while Priestley message to everyone that they have to think before speaking to someone there is some Victorian style information in the play. I think this because in the play some of the more rich families in the Victorian era used to ignore or criticise the poorer ones.

Priestley tried to tell people that we should all help each other. The structure of the play uses Priestley’s 3 unities, 1 place, 1 time, 1 plot. Priestley structures the play to show the audience and characters that if everyone is in the same room at the same time then they can’t escape their guilt. Also it makes out that nobody can escape their own guilt at whatever time or place. Priestley’s aims were to make the world a better place to live in, as he wanted there to be peace.

He also wanted to warn people that if they continue to tease or turn away people then they could be killing them off without the person knowing. If we all listened to Priestley’s aim then there would be no bullying in the world. I don’t think he was successful in what he said because if everyone listened to him then there wouldn’t be anymore wars. He has had some success though because there are anti-war protestors that try and convince people that war is wrong. He has convinced me though. I am now going to be careful about what I say to people.

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