Goody Osborne

Now we might think that this woman is ridiculous for as her gossip grows the logical thinking shrinks, for she believes that if anything bad happens “God would not allow it to happen, so it must be the “devil”. We see a comparison between Goody Putnam and Abigail, maybe their bitterness and hatred have drawn them into one category is because they have both lost something dear to their hearts; however we must note that Abigail has learnt from her experience and learnt how to keep under control and command others . Whilst Goody Putnam is suffering from ignorance and still being traumatised from the ordeal.

She gives the impression of hatred towards Goody Osborne who was her midwife three times she forces Tituba to say her name whilst confessing “compact” with the devil. Abigail is a character in The Crucible who when first introduced is worrying with “apprehension and propriety” this reveals that in the situation of Betty being ill she does care about her well-being and does try to help. There is a paradox to this earlier thoughts of Abigail Miller clearly makes it known that she has a “endless capacity for dissembling” this reveals a negative gift of able to cause trouble and the fact that it is “endless” might give us the potential of harm she might cause in the community.

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Abigail is a brilliant actress and liar for she is “quavering” in the interrogation by Parris when she knows exactly what has happened. She often tries this trick on many people through out the play and many times it has succeeded. She shows she is intelligent and scheming even though she is not the highest rank in the society she can still find a place as an equal. Sex in the 1600’s was not a popular subject, whilst under interrogation Parris claims to see ” a dress”, the essence of the dress causes a embarrassing feeling of shame, a girl without a dress is definitely naked. Cleary acting on instinct and pure wit, Abigail replies “innocently”, subsequently to back up her statement she tell her uncle he must “be mistaken” this demonstrates that she is slowly but surely causing her uncle to come off the subject.

Parris accuses her and tries to breakthrough, obviously Abigail’s sagaciousness and persistence seals the trust of Parris believing her by declaring that he “begrudges” her. This shows manipulation to a very high extent. Parris is “half convinced” by her lies and continuous story. She threatens the girls not to utter a word otherwise she will “bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you”. This shows strong force and clever use of language she also says that this will happen in the “black of some night” we get the feeling of darkness, power and association with the devil; she is implying that she knows “witchcraft” this shows enough intelligent to influence the girls and keep them under control. She tells them this in rather a ruthless way.

In some manner she has attributes of Parris maybe a family attribute, for both seem very confident to sacrifice others in order to keep themselves innocent and especially status and respect they will do anything to keep their name “white” in the village. She was involved with the dancing with Tituba, then she managed to convince that she was the “witch” of Salem. They gave her praise and glory for “ridding” the city of witches and Tituba was staring at her in horror. Cleverly Abigail used position of status and respect against her, for Tituba was a black slave from Barbados.

Abigail has lost everything dear to her so she goes after John Proctor who had an affair with her; she tries to remind him of the times he had “sweated like a stallion” to regain his love for her and craftily gets him into a mood where he is unaware of seduction and tells him to giver her a “soft word” which implies her desire for him. Instantly after Tituba’s conviction, release and being “freed” from the devil, suddenly she begged for the “light of God” therefore giving her self the all clear, this basically means no suspicions of hear could ever be valid for she has been “saved” by God and cannot be persuaded by the devil again.

Miller’s concern and whole purpose of writing The Crucible is to prove that whether going through “one of the most awful chapters in human history” or in general we never change. The McCarthy Government was ruling due to people like Hale who try to help but only escalate the problem. He warns us of people like this and advises us to keep away for they are potentially dangerous. Craving for power is the form of Reverend Parris, greed and money was all this man cared about as we can see about the analysis we have there are many among us who thirst for power and really will do anything such as Parris who was willing to betray his niece.

People with losses should be cared for so that their misery does not turn into hatred of others..I think that this play has been a very creative piece of work Miller gets is points through to us if we jus have the time to look at the historical and present day morals and politics. His language is complex at first but reveals as you read on. For each problem he has had, he has created a character through we learn a great deal about the people who potentially surround us today. The films differs from the book in many ways but the first thing anyone can point out is the beginning, I think Miller chose the title of The Crucible because he knows that a crucible purifies and removes impurities and that is what he tries to do to the society.

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