Drinking problem

Eric Birling is a very private person, he keeps himself to himself, his father or mother does not know anything about his drinking problem and no one knew about Eva or the money. Eric feels that he cannot go to his father when he is in a predicament, ‘because your not the kind of father a chap could go to when he’s in trouble’ by Eric saying this to his father we can tell that they have not got a close relationship and that Mr. Birling is not an easy father to talk to but not as just in trouble but at all.

‘Then- you killed her’ Eric is saying this to Mrs. Birling as he just discovered that Mrs. Birling had turned away Eva Smith when she had come to her for help and all Eric can see is that it is his mothers fault that Eva and his child is now dead. ‘Oh my god-how stupid it all is!’ Eric is starting to realize how he had treated Eva and the guilt had suddenly started to sink in and he had realized that he had really messed up Eva smith’s life by using her and getting her pregnant.

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‘Its what’s happened to the girl and what we all did to her that really matters’ This quotes is at the end after the inspector has left and they discover that the inspector was not a real inspector, the rest if the family except Eric and Sheila all think it is over and nothing has changed but all Eric and Sheila can think of is the girl that they had all killed and all the deceit and lies that had come out in that night.

Gerald Croft, he is an old-fashioned family man, he wants to settle down with a family of his own and join the family business, ‘I insist of being one of the family now’ and him an Sheila aren’t even married yet but he thinks of himself as one of the family, ‘hear hear and I think my father would agree with that’ at this point Arthur Birling is proposing that Gerald’s father and he competing and join forces with their businesses. As I think of the quote I think that Gerald is just trying to please the Father-in-law but he also wants to please his own father and buy Gerald getting married and owning the family business then both sides of family will be pleased with him.

Gerald says ‘She didn’t blame me at all. I wish to god she had now. Perhaps id feel better about it’ Gerald is feeling that his involvement with Eva had made a great impact on her life, he feels that if she had blamed him that he would feel better at least then he wouldn’t feel so bad about her death but because she was grateful as he gave her money and a house and she was perfect and she couldn’t blame him for anything as she was happier and better ever since she knew him but then of course the incident with Eric happened and she couldn’t take anymore money from Gerald so he left her.

I think the lesson that Gerald had learnt throughout the investigation was that by helping Eva Smith he had not helped her life at all, he also found out how much Sheila meant to him, he didn’t want to hurt her and told her the truth. We learnt that Gerald is very-much a closed book, he doesn’t like to express himself to much and he didn’t like to share all his feelings to other people the only thing I think that he can express is the feelings and the future of Mr. Birlings daughter and Mr. Birlings life, ‘and I hope I can make you as happy as you deserve to be’ this is Gerald exposing to Sheila’s parents how he is going to treat her and showing that he shows her respect.

Conclusion of this play By revising this play I had come to the conclusion that Sheila and Eric had learnt the most. Even though the Inspector was an intruder, Sheila and Eric had not bothered thinking about their reputation but all they could think of was the poor girl, Eva Smith who had been driven to suicide.

Also all they could think was that it was their fault, Sheila got her fired and Eric had got her pregnant and hadn’t supported her all the way through of they child. I think the person who learnt the least was Arthur Birling as all he kept thinking about was his reputation and his business. He never gave a second thought about the dead Eva Smith or about the inspector being a fake but only the relief about not having the truth blurted out to the public and them knowing all his private details.

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