The First World War

“An Inspector Calls” was written by J.B Priestly in 1945. J.B Priestly was born in 1894, but at the age of twenty joined the infantry, by the First World War Priestly took an active part in the British army, which was based in France. Their Priestly narrowly escaped a German shell, which exploded not far from him. After that ordeal Priestly left the forces and began writing. The play itself is set in a fictional region named Brumley. The place is described as an industrial city in the North-Midlands. During this era England was a class structured society. Being an industrial city there are lots of cheap labourers.

The time when the play is set is 1912, two years before The First World War. So Priestly has to consider the mood and feelings of people just before the war, so the whole of Europe would have been tense and unsteady leading up to the war. The opening of “An Inspector Calls” begins in the Birling’s drawing room, the mood is happy and excited. The room is occupied by characters Mr.Birling, Mrs.Birling, Sheila Birling, Eric Birling and Gerald Croft. It is a special occasion in the Birling household it is the announcement of Sheila and Gerald’s engagement to be married. The room is full of spirits the whole party is drinking and Eric in particular is being affected by the alcohol.

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The occasion so far is appearing fine everybody is in high spirits, but Mr.Birling feels this is the right time to offer advice to the young men Eric and Gerald. Mr.Birling takes time out to speak to them privately, Mr.Birling tells them his views of war and how he thinks the war won’t happen and Mr.Birling tries to instruct the men on how take care of their families and to keep your mind focused on money and stability of the family.

After a while Mrs.Birling comes out to interrupt their conversation and asks to bring back in the two young men, as they resume to the dining room the members are still talking and drinking. As the party commences and Mr.Birling begins to start another conversation, there is a sharp ring at the.

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