The gothic and horror genres

Dracula is described in detail and the blood seems to be more in the aspect of the horror genre than gothic. It does not leave much to the imagination as Gothic novels often do. Instead it describes so we have a clear picture in our heads of the ‘bloodstained’ Count.

Another horrific section of the book is in chapter four. Dracula steals a woman’s baby and when she goes to save it he sets the wolves on her. There is little description of blood or the actual event, ‘There was no cry from the woman, and the howling of the wolves was but short.

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Before long they streamed away singly, licking their lips’. However, the thought of the Count setting wolves on the woman and the wolves were eating her fits into the horror genre. The last point which has an element of the horror genre in the first six chapters is the baby in the bag, ‘she pointed to the bag which he had thrown upon the floor, and which moved as thought there were some living thing within it … One of the women jumped forward and opened it. If my ears did not deceive me there was a gasp and a low wail, as of a half-smothered child.

‘ The baby is an innocent creature and it is horrific to put it into a bag and then kill the baby and eat it. Yet again there is little description of blood however, as the thing in the bag is a baby I think it comes under the horror genre because babies are seen to be sweet young innocents and to take their lives and mistreat them is an element of the horror genre. I think the first six chapters of ‘Dracula’ have elements of both the gothic and horror genres. However, I believe it is mainly a gothic novel.

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