The lifestyle of the characters

That was Tom’s last attempt to win her over, but still it failed, because he tried to conceal his emotions behind food again. Tom is so easy to see through, and Kyra can see that he seeks reassurance, and oozes unhappiness. That goodbye is so final, so tense, you know they will never meet again and nothing will ever be resolved between them. Kyra is also a victim to hiding behind food. There are many times when she has told Tom something emotional, pg. 32 Kyra: ‘… From that moment on… I’d have done anything, just to stay with you, just to stay in that house.

‘ Then the stage directions say ‘she goes back to the cooking. ‘ When Kyra says something hurtful to Tom, she also goes back to the cooking. I don’t really think she cared much about the food anyway, because she abandons it later to sleep with Tom. I think she uses the food to hide behind as a means of subconscious escape, from Tom. Kyra eats the abandoned meal (p. 55) ‘The abandoned meal is still on the table, uneaten… then takes the spagetti sauce she made earlier, picks up a piece of bread… dips her bread in the cold sauce and starts to eat.

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‘ We never actually see two people sitting down, eating together, they are always just about to eat (pg. 54) with Tom and (pg. 100) with Edward. Kyra makes food all the way through the play apart from at the end, when Edward brings her cooked breakfast, which she told him she really missed at the beginning (pg. 13) Kyra: ‘I miss a good breakfast… Scrambled eggs… ‘ Edward is obviously a very thoughtful person because he actually listens to Kyra, instead of just arguing and talking at her like his father. At the end (pg.100), Edward brings Kyra the cooked breakfast that she misses. Tom: ‘I’ve brought you breakfast.

You said you missed breakfast more than anything else. ‘ Kyra: ‘Oh, Edward, I don’t believe it. ‘ The breakfast is so significant for both Edward and Kyra, because she feels that Edward has done something so selfless, just for her, not for anyone else. Kyra is released with happiness at the sight of the breakfast. When Edward comes at the beginning, what he wanted from Kyra was reassurance, he wanted an answer of how to make up with Tom, but Kyra didn’t give him one.

So I think Edward brings the breakfast at the end, to show that he can help her, even if it is just something like breakfast. The last words of the play (pg. 100) are very important, Kyra: ‘this looks terrific. Come on, Edward, let’s eat. ‘ Food is what Kyra will miss about Tom; it is the remnants of what they had together. The breakfast closes the play, because it finishes what Tom left behind. When Tom came back, all the memories of the forgotten past are dredged up, and while Kyra makes the food, each memory becomes clearer, and clearer.

They argue, passionately, more, and more until everything hurtful has been said, and there is nothing left to do other than say ‘goodbye’, because they both know that nothing could be more different than themselves. Edward finishes the play, by bringing what Kyra remembered from the days with Tom as a happy time. Tom wanted to stay with Kyra, not just because he loves her, but because he needed someone to comfort him because really, underneath all those outer barriers of clothes and anger, is a very lonely person, screaming with self-pity, anguish and guilt. In losing Kyra, Tom has lost pretty much everything that matters to him.

The breakfast at the end is so meaningful because it shows how Edward is the New Hope, he can change and be a better person than his father. The breakfast reinforces the issue that Edward may not be as rich or as business like as his father, but he will definitely be more loved and respected. David Hare wants the audience to grasp the lifestyle of the characters, but also how they link to the lifestyles of everyday people, how none of us have normal lives and we all have such different understandings and concepts. No one can ever change anyone else; they can only change themselves.

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