Mischief and humor

Continuing with that same idea, Satymurti’s next line says, “Because I will look like a survivor.” The color red is often portrayed as blood, and this “blood” on her finger tips could suggest that she is bleeding from her hard work. She has scraped and dug through tough times to get to the beautiful state where she is at now, and this makes her a survivor. In modern times, the word survivor has changed its meaning due to a girl band named Destiny’s Child which made a song for women named “Survivor”.

The song portrays women as survivors of touch situations such as being single mothers. The word survivor has come to mean, for women, a state of independence in which she does not need to rely on anyone else because she can take care of her life, and herself, on her own. In this sense Satymurti could also be implying the same meaning that Destiny’s Child brought out to the world a few years ago, as this is not a new issue for women to face.

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In the next line Satymurti says, “Because I can admire them in traffic jams.” This is another line which shows the multi tasking of women. It also suggests that so much as looking at her red nails is entertaining and, I would infer, satisfying. Because the red nails are with her at all times and they represent so much for her, it is a great thought to realize that at any point in time she can sit there and admire them. Even something as boring and tedious as a traffic jam may be seen as an opportunity to reflect. The red nails give her something to look forward to and they add a spark in her life in many ways.

“Because my daughter will say ugh” brings a different idea into the poem. Now it is obvious that she is a mother, and as we know from before, she is hard working and caring. However, Satymurti now portrays this woman as one with a sense of mischief and humor. She knows that her daughter will find her nails ugly and even tacky, but it does not faze her. In fact, it’s almost as if she looks forward to her daughter’s reaction, as her daughter does not understand, nor does anyone else, how much the red nail polish on her nails represents to her. In a sense, it also shows that the red nails will cause reactions amongst people, and that idea appeals to her.

Her mischievous side takes a different toll in the next line which says, “Because my lover will be surprised.” This shows a woman’s sexual side and her desire to please and be wanted. She knows that the red nails are not something typical, yet they are a color which is very sensual and exciting. These make her hope for a surprised reaction from her love, yet another reaction caused by the red nails. The idea that she wants to surprise her lover also goes back to the idea that she wants to please everyone, as do most women in society today. However, the idea that she wants to surprise him shows that she is doing it mostly for herself and isn’t actually sure of what his reaction will be.

This woman is dying for change and a bit of spice in her life! The red nails do just that as they represents many other aspects of her life along the way. “Because it’s quicker than dyeing my hair” suggests that painting her red nails is some sort of easy way around this change she is looking for in her life. The next line says, “Because it is a ten-minute moratorium.” This line tells that the painting of her nails is like an escape, a ten-minute vacation. Her moratorium as she sits there painting her nails is pushing away all responsibility for that short amount of time, it is a moment that belongs only to herself. As she sits there applying her nail polish she can think of all the things this red nail polish means to her and all the things that she hopes to get from painting them red.

The last line in this poem, which states “Because it is reversible” tells us that the red nail polish is a temporary rendezvous she is having with herself. It’s a dangerous new thing that she wants to do for herself and that will add that bit of spice she is yearning for in her life. The spice is only temporary. Because she has her life to live and people to take care of, she looks forward to painting her nails red and having a small adventure, as long as the adventure is reversible. The change is not something permanent which she wants in her life, but rather a small extra thing to add to her everyday.

I believe that this poem is trying to overall tell women a small message. A message about being independent and getting things done for yourself, but never forgetting to love yourself and give yourself that extra time to get away for a little while. The poem shows a woman’s busy life, but the complexity of her character as a true person. It shows the many things a woman tries to juggle while emphasizing that she is always happy with herself and her accomplishments, and that in the end she wants to be sure she can always be herself. This poem also shows how a simple thing can go a long way in our lives. Something as simple as painting your nails red is a way to take time in life to enjoy the simple things rather than get caught up with the problems and stress of the everyday. This poem encourages women to do a little something for themselves, and to always love themselves.

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