Why I want to be an Engineers

I always knew that I wanted to work as an engineer; but I also knew my traditional family would not be so pleased. Born in a family with full of successful business man and women, I was often discourage to do anything except business. To my father, an engineer is too common, too normal and too little money. I see things differently. And yet, his approval means a lot to me and his opinion has certainly influenced the direction of my career. But I have finally come to understand that I must pursue my own path. After many deliberations, I am confident that civil engineering is, without a doubt, the right career for me.

Ever since my childhood I have detected in myself a certain interest to face challenges and solving problems. I was the kid who would always buys building puzzles and the Lego that requires a lot of time to solve. I desire to build the best buildings, the best roads, and the best bridges. During my high school years, I was able pursue my passion in science and mathematic, especially Physics. I was very studious in these areas because my interest kept me going and trying harder. Despite my conservative family, I was fortunate to have the best teachers encouraging me to pursue my own dreams and my own path.

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One of those teachers is Mr. Briber, a physics teacher of my freshman class. In every project that I did such as the toothpicks bridge project to the egg drop project, he was there to guide me through, and kept me going. With that, I was able win the top prize of my class for my toothpicks bridge project. From this little success, I gained more confidence to continue my dream job as an engineer. Engineering allows me to combine my best abilities and interest such as physics and math. It’s perfect to further strengthen my two main academic fields that interest me.

I particularly enjoy identifying and solving problems with my best abilities. Problem solving challenges me to be patience and find the solution. I believe this is the key factor of engineering, with many so different situations, we must all be patience. Engineering kept me at interest because the obstacles that comes along which provides constant curiosity will keep me busy. With more confusion and frustration, I will be better dealing with my patience and carefully solve the problems. I also want to be a civil engineer because I would be able to contribute to the community with new roads, new buildings, and new bridges.

Whether people recognize the hard work that engineers put into or not, as a citizen, it’s my responsibility to not only work for myself, but for the better of others as well. Most people would not think about the work behind building, roads, or bridges but just being able to make an impact in everyone’s daily life makes me feel worthy. As long as I can contribute to building a better community, then my time and effort is all worthwhile. Besides, civil engineering is in great demand due to the rise in population. Although money is one of the main factors, it’s great that civil engineering makes a good amount of money for a “decent” life.

Living in luxurious houses and shopping at Beverly Hills is way beyond my reach, I will not do anything that I don’t enjoy to live that life. My father is a person who always strives for money, with his busy business, although successful, he’s not truly enjoying it. Everyone takes “happiness” in their own definition and my happiness is to be an engineer and contribute my knowledge and abilities for the benefits of all. Challenging myself, contributing to the community, and living the life that I want to live comes along with civil engineering.

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