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For my work experience I had apply to the business I wanted to work at for a two week placement, and this had to be done through proper procedures, so I had to make sure my curriculum vitae was up to date and well presented. My work experience application was accepted for a local , where I was hoping to get a weekend job at, at the end of my work placement. On arriving on my first, I was introduced to the zombie-like creatures apparently called employees. I was then taken behind to the staff-room and toilets.

The cor was old fashioned for my tastes but it was to be my home instead of school for the next two weeks, so had to be tolerated. Apparently I was going to be working ‘…. in a variety of scenarios’. I pictured myself making executive decisions over the phone and taking an ever-increasing amount of money off the public and into the tills. Actually, my first task was to remove the packaging from the ice-lollies and put them into the freezers. Einstein eat your heart out. It was then that I quickly realised that I was going to be doing the jobs that no-one wanted to for the whole exciting two weeks. Oh well, it was better than chemistry.

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Just. During my work experience I learnt a rule very early on, “the customer is always right”, no matter how senile or absurd their ideas are. One important skill that I learnt and I hope that I have not forgotten to date is the skill of smooth talking. Some may call it an art. If you knew how to do it properly you could persuade a customer to buy anything you wanted. When a customer comes in and tells you there on a diet what they really mean was they wanted some of our speciality cheesecake and would nearly always end up with a piece. I have obtained a vast amount of stories and anecdotes from my two weeks at The Town Gardens.

One incident that I will never forget occurred on my second day on the job where I came into work only to discover that the cafe had been burgled. It happened five minutes before the manager had arrived therefore no one was hurt or injured, nevertheless at least a thousand pounds worth of merchandise stolen including the petty cash and one of the tills had actually been taken. I spent the remainder of that day on the phone talking to various government authorities. I spoke to the police, crime division, theft division and a number of other divisions that I personally felt had little to do with a burglary at cafe.

We had a visit from the police who took fingerprints and photos of the broken entry. That was without a shadow of a doubt the most tiring day out of the whole two weeks. Despite not finding work in the cafi?? particularly hard I did encounter some difficulties with the till. When I finally got to the end of what seemed to be an endless supply of cakes I pushed the total button to find that the bill was about five thousand, five hundred pounds. I wasn’t paying adequate attention obviously, because otherwise I wouldn’t have the told the woman the total amount before checking it.

I just told the woman the amount with out really thinking about it. When she heard the final total, it was as if I had written my own death sentence. She exploded shouting, screaming and hurling all kinds of abuse at me. She immediately asked to see the manager, I couldn’t get a word in edge ways, I tried to explain that I was on work experience and I was sure the situation could be rectified immediately, and that it was probably a fault in the till. Her big red face blew up, it had a tinge of blue in it were she had been shouting so much.

Thankfully the situation was resolved easily enough but by the time it had there was a big queue at my till. That was probably my worst experience at the cafi??. Overall I found my experience very beneficial I fond I enjoy working with people and hope to do so in my chosen career path. I enjoyed the atmosphere at the cafi?? and see how important it is to work in a friendly environment, as it makes work fun and enjoyable and seem less of a chore, and more something you want to be doing. I thought my work experience was a success and made many new friends and gained lots of experience in the workplace with such things as health and safety.

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