19th Century short stories – womens rights

This story is about a sad, disabled girl whose name was Lorraine. Unfortunately she was blind, deaf and wasn’t even able to say anything. Her mother’s name was Mrs. Callam and her father’s name was Mr. Callam. Her teacher’s name was Mr. Glen. Chapter 1 Lorraine was born into a very rich family. Her father was a businessman. They had a very big house. Unfortunately she was blind, deaf and wasn’t even able to say anything. She never knew what she was doing so that’s why she was always doing something wrong because of her disability. She didn’t even know how to eat food. She always ate food like animals.

On her seventh birthday, she was passing near the dining table. There was a candle on it. She threw that candle with her hand unknowingly, which caused a very big fire. Her father often beat her because of her problems but always her mother tried to save her and always Mrs. Callam said to her husband, “It’s not Lorraine’s fault, she is helpless, she don’t know what to do”. Sometimes Lorraine got lost in her big house so that’s why her parents attached a bell around her waist so they could find her easily. Someone told Mrs. Callam that there is a teacher, Mr. Glen who would be able to teach Lorraine how to improve her life.

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Mrs. Callam spoke to her husband about that teacher. So Mr. Callam brought Mr. Glen to their home for her daughter. Mr. Glen was a fifty years old teacher and he had a lot of experience. Mr. Callam told Mr. Glen about Lorraine’s disability and how she never knew that what she was doing. Mr. Glen was confident that he could teach everything to Lorraine. Today is Mr. Glen’s first day with his student Lorraine in her home. Mr. Glen starts to teach her how to eat food. Mr. Glen holds her hand and takes it with the spoon towards her mouth several times but unfortunately she fails.

Lorraine throws that spoon in his face. She is wild and violent. Mr. Glen got very annoyed and become strict with her. He starts to tell her the names of the things, as she was deaf, he put Lorraine’s finger on his lips and said “spoooon”. He thought that Lorraine would copy the movements of his lips. He was trying his best to teach Lorraine. Lorraine’s father was watching them through the window. He thought that Mr. Glen’s behavior with Lorraine was strict. At the end of the day he called Mr. Glen to his room to ask him to go but Mr. Glen refused to go. He said, “Lorraine will be alright, just give me some time”.

Mr. Callam replied, “No way. You have to go, Lorraine is my responsibility”. Then Mr. Glen went to Mrs. Callam and told her every thing and requested her to give him just twenty days by which time they would see a big change in Lorraine. He was confident that he could do it. At last Mrs. Callam agreed and gave him twenty days. Then Mrs. Callam told her husband that she had given twenty days to Mr. Glen and tried to convince him to agree on the future of their daughter. Chapter 2 Now the twenty days have started. Mr. Glen starts to teach Lorraine with ABC signs.

He holds her hand and brings it towards his lips and said “Aeeee” because he was sure that she would copy the movements of his lips. He was working very hard to teach Lorraine but unfortunately failed again and again. On the 10th day, Mr. Glen became very exasperated, so he said to Lorraine “Don’t stay in the dark, you have to come out from the dark and you have to spend your life just like a normal person”. Mr. Glen continued his hard work; he didn’t lose his hope. However as the days go by, Lorraine becomes his friend. Just a few days were left and in those days she just learnt to say “spoon” after a lot of hard work.

On the 20th day, Mrs. Callam told him to leave because nothing had happened in 20 days. Mr. Glen didn’t even speak a word because he knew that nothing had changed in Lorraine’s behaviour. He went to his room and started packaging. As he reached to the door to leave, Lorraine was near the dinning table and she threw away all the dinner. Mr. Glen got very annoyed to see her spoil the dinner. He returned from the door, he took Lorraine towards the garden and said “I don’t want to waste everything that I taught you in so many days”. He pushed her into a small swimming pool. First Lorraine cried but at once she felt relaxed in the water.

Mr. Glen holds her hand and brought it towards her lips and said “Are you happy in the water? “. Lorraine replied in the same way by holding his hand and brought it towards her lips. Mr. Glen shouted in happiness “Mr. Callam! Mrs. Callam! See your daughter is talking to me. She can talk, come and see”. Both of them came and they start crying in the happiness that their daughter can now speak. Lorraine was starting to touch the beauty of the world. After this miracle, Mr. Callam gave permission for Mr. Glen to teach her. Everyone in the house became very happy and to share their happiness with their relatives, Mr.

Callam arranged a marvellous party. Each and every guest congratulates Mr. Glen for the superlative work that he did for Lorraine. Chapter 3 As the time passed, Lorraine learnt a lot of words. Now she was able to describe her feelings to her best friend Mr. Glen through the signs. Mr. Glen tried to teach her each and every thing through signs that other students of her age were learning. Mr. Glen continued his hard work as well as Lorraine. They didn’t lose hope. By the age of eighteen, Lorraine was able to understand and reply using signs. She had a wide vocabulary. As Lorraine reached the age of university, Mr.

Glen spoke to Mr. Callam about Lorraine and suggested she apply to university. Mr. Callam said, “If you feel that Lorraine is able to go to university than you can apply for her”. Mr. Glen had a dream that his student Lorraine would graduate, so that’s why he applied for her admission to the university. Another special teacher interviewed Lorraine. Providentially Lorraine got succeeded to get her admission in the university. The teacher who interviewed her was completely impressed by her thoughts that she told her through the signs during her interview. Mr. Glen was very glad that Lorraine got admission to university.

He went with her to university every morning and also attended all the lessons with her. He told her every thing using signs so she could understand what the teacher was communicating to the class. After three months, Mr. Glen gave her a walking stick that she could spend her life independently. He taught her to go to university without anybody’s help by counting the steps. At last she became able to go to university alone and even come back home by counting the steps. Mr. Glen worked very hard to teach her every thing that they were doing in the lessons, to complete his dream that his student would graduate.

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