External parts

She says that the wives are always protesting against their master’s authority, and she feels that they should not do this, but instead they should be thankful and offer peace to their husband’s. She would be saying this to the men because she wants them to realise how badly their wives are treating them. The audience would think Kate is becoming more and more like the perfect wife. She would be saying these lines in a very patriotic way towards her Petruchio.

“Why are our bodies soft…. External parts” She is saying that the females have soft and gentle bodies, and that the two wives should have hearts that are also soft and gentle. When she has said this Bianca stands up and tries to strike her sister, but Kate deters her and pushes her back into her seat. I feel that the audience will realise that although Kate is saying all of this she still can be violent.

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“Come, come, you forward…. My reasons happily more” Kate is saying that she used to be like they are, but she would say this in a patronising way because I want Kate to show people that she disapproves of her old behaviour and thinks that every woman should act like she now does. “To bandy word for word…. Our weakness past compare” Kate at the start of this section is realising that the way in which she used to behave was inexcusable and at the same time she is mocking Bianca and the widow for behaving like this now.

At the end of this section she saying that although the women are trying to act like they are strong willed, they really are weak and insecure. I feel that at the start of this section I would want Kate to act this out like she is remembering how badly she used to treat everyone around her and this builds her up to a point were she is disgusted and she would show this by dragging the two wives up onto their feet and then saying the last part of this section in a calm yet censorious manor whilst giving the two wives scornful glances.

“The vail your stomachs…. Your husband’s foot” Kate is saying that even if you think it will degrade you, you should still do whatever your master desires. Whilst Kate is saying this she will act out her words by lying down on the floor near Petruchio and placing out her hands ready for her husband to walk on. By now the audience will have realised that Kate has been tamed and that she is willing to do anything Petruchio desires.

“In token of which duty…. May it do him ease” Kate says this because she is basically saying that if he wishes to walk all over her, he may do so. Everyone in the room will be speechless, I will get the actors to either gasp or just have a blank expression on their faces. Also the cast and the audience will all now realise that the shrew has been tamed.

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