The needs of the future

The aims of education have basically remained the same since my parents were at school, however, the method of teaching has changed. Many of our parents were taught in such a way that they had to memorize everything from a book whereas we, today’s students, have to be able to put this theory into practice. The teachers nowadays do not only expect a student to know the theory behind certain rules but they also expect us to be able to apply that theory to what is happening in the world today. The main aim of education 50 years ago was to teach the students how to survive in the real world.

This means, it taught the scholars more about farming and other professions which were useful to them if they wanted to survive in the real world at that time. This was done throughout their high school and sometimes even primary school. One of the reasons for this was that the parents also needed their children to know how to work on a farm so that they would be able to help them during their holidays. Most of the parents taught their own children how to take care of the animals and plants and therefore the school only had to teach the children about the different kinds of plants and animals.

Today’s students can choose what they would like to study and where they would like to study. Some choose to study at university at some point in their lives and therefore they take a course which prepares them for this. Others, who know that they want to run their own farm or work on a farm or any other kind of profession go on to study this profession which can nowadays also be studied at different levels. You can study this during high school but you can also study this at a university level.

The aim of today’s education therefore depends on what one would like to become once he or she is older. So the main aim of education, today, is still the same as 50 years ago and that is to prepare the youth for the real world. This means, making sure that they know how to survive without their parents’ help, obtaining their own income, etc. In order for our education to be even more successful, the students need to be informed more about what kind of jobs there are and what one has to be good at in order to be successful at that job.

Because when you know more about the jobs which are out there, then you’re most likely going to make a better choice of what you want to become. The schools should also teach the students how to be independent because most of the schools don’t teach their scholars this. They only teach them how to cope with their future profession. One way for schools to do this is by introducing cooking classes and more activities outside of school such as survival trips. The best way, however, would be by introducing voluntary work as part of one’s education, because you gain a lot of experience from that in all sorts of fields.

Something else schools should introduce are computer classes because computers are extremely important today — a lot of machinery in factories and other working places are monitored by them and therefore it is very important for us to be able to work with them. To conclude, the aim of education has remained the same over all these years, however the teaching method has not. We are now being taught in a more modern way and probably a more effective way for the world we live in today. But, in order for us to make education even more successful schools should introduce voluntary work, excursions, etc. so that we become more independent.

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