Recognize new reality

nowledge, for the most part, comes from the outside. There are some aspects of life that we know unconsciously when we are born. For example, our body and our mind unconsciously know that we have to breathe in order to live, which is why we are breathing the whole time we are alive even as a baby; we, as babies, are not taught that. Moreover, in reference to an archetype, psychologist Carl Jung said that some occurrences in our ancestors lives are imprinted into our unconscious brains forever, and they repeat throughout history. An example of that would be the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, which Siddhartha went through hundreds of years ago, and then which James Joyce utilized in his novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, hundreds of years later, in the early 1900s.

The term “Hero’s Journey” was not coined until a few decades later. Therefore, there is some knowledge that comes from within, but most of the knowledge we currently have comes from the outside. As we grow up, our parents teach us how to read, how to ride a bike, what our names are, what is ethically good and bad, and so on. Then, when we get even older, we go to school and learn more complexities of life. Knowledge is limitless; we only acquire a fraction of a fraction of it throughout our lives, but we have an even more limited amount of it when we first step into this world. We construct reality, and then we recognize it.

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It is just how humans are designed. This goes back to our discussion today about why we trust the map we saw to be accurate. That is true because thousands of individuals have examined the Earth and its different dimensions for the past hundreds of years, and have made a map accordingly, which we have been seeing for our whole lives. That map is an example of constructed reality; that map is what we believe to be true and accurate because we have seen it thousands of times in our classrooms and books, and so it is embedded into our minds and has been constructed there permanently.

That is why we were not able to accept the flat disk Mr. Van-Tuyl was offering us as an alternative map of the world. Now that type of reality compiling pertains to most of the people in this world, probably about 99% of us. Those who recognize reality are those genius scientists, mathematicians, artists, writers, and historians, who have discovered new realities of the world and have accepted that reality because they “recognized” it.

Ptolemy and Aristotle proposed the theory of a geocentric universe, because that is what they perceived. That then became the “constructed reality” that most people believed in. Then, Copernicus “recognized” that the planets, including the earth, were revolving around the sun, and then that has been the reality we believe in ever since. Hence, most of us construct reality, but there are those special few who still observe the world sitting on top of the rabbit’s fur, and recognize new reality. They, many times, even have the courage to investigate that new reality, and possibly even confront the conventional beliefs with their new findings.

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