Extra Products Warranty Period

In June 2006, TKT started to differentiate their products against competitors by providing an extra warranty year to their customers. For instance, SONY provided their customer with one-year warranty for every item, however under the cooperation with TKT, they give them one more warranty year, which then allowed TKT to provide extra one year warranty to their customers and the customers would have two years warranty on the products they purchased. They give customer chance to exchange for longer warranty validity by adding a certain amount of money.

It is worthwhile for the customer for extra warranty year with just paying a bit more. Excellent after Sales Services All of the sales personnel are well trained and educated about TKT’s product and service. They are able to provide good service to customer. TKT has provided excellent after sale service to their customers by completing the repair works on time and distributes the products punctually. This is another major factor contributing to the success of the company. Elvin Teoh said, “Priority on the delivery punctuality is the motto of TKT’s service. ”

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If the product that being sends back for service can’t be repair within 14 days, they will replace a brand new product for customers provided the product is still under warranty period. This has shown the customer that TKT give extra effort in providing efficient and effective service. As an effort to enhance customer service, TKT has its own service center, which can provide in house repair service to their customers. However, they also outsource the repair service to other companies. This will shorten the repair service duration when the customers return their defect products.

Elvin Teoh mentioned that if all competitors carry the same products, offer similar prices and have the same type of stores, then the critical component will be the customer service. He actually stresses this fact throughout the entire organization in order to continue its dominance in the industry. Quality control If most of the same model of a product that are founded not functioning well frequently, the quality of this product should be doubted, then this information about the defect of the product will be kept in the information management and will inform the particular supplier about the problem and ask them to improve.

Thus the purchasing department will be informed that this model of product should be cut off to ensure the quality of the products that TKT sell until the defect of the product is eliminated. “The confidence that TKT gives to its customers on longer warranty and being choosy on the quality and brand of product, are the quality control we made. We even give money back guarantee if the quality of the product is not as good as what the customer thought it should be. ” said Elvin Teoh.

Developing a Balanced Management Team Human Resource The foundation of professional management team had a great effect on the development of productivity and efficiency. This is the most important factor that helps TKT flourish. Thus, in order to improve the employees’ quality and professionalism, TKT is very concern on the importance of training and development activities. This is because TKT strongly agree that the quality and profession of their employees will help and affect the businesses of TKT.

The loyal and professional worker will serve the customer better. Since the current position of TKT is in retail industry, Elvin Teoh said they need a lot of professional and qualified sales people or employees to provide a better service to their customer. So they provide training and give motivation to employees in order to serve the customer better.  Training TKT is very concern in the matter of employees’ quality, so they held a lot of training courses and development program in order to improve the standard of the employees.

TKT’s employees are provided on-job training courses and daily training in the organization. Despite the product knowledge and technical know-how, they also have to learn teamwork in an organization. MBA course Recently, TKT has invested a huge amount of money by sending five staffs for the MBA course. Nonetheless all these employees are not bounded by any contract. In other words, they can freely decide whether they want continuing working with TKT or leave the company.

This action make the employees feel more generous and will keep their loyalty to the firm, and improve their commitment as well.University Graduate Employees Previously, TKT recruited many Form Five graduate student but after 1997, because of global financial crisis, the unemployment rate was very high in Malaysia. At that moment, TKT has decided to recruit the university graduate students. This is because with their expert knowledge and management skill, they are able to help TKT to expand the business.

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