Christian Beliefs about the Afterlife

Perception is the ability to see, hear and become aware of something through our senses. Our sense such as sight, hearing, taste and smell help create reality as we perceive it to be, which is the truth, this is because the human mind can only contemplate to what it has been exposed. Mahatma Gandhi said: 4″My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements, but to be consistent with the truth”, Gandhi is saying that he is consistent in his changing perceptions of what the truth was at different stages of his life as he gained more knowledge, his previous views changed.

The truth is absolute but perceptions are relative because as situations change, so do our perceptions. Since perceptions are based on our senses like vision, it is not always consistent for Empiricism which is perceptual experience, and since most of our subjects require the use of perception such as observation while doing an experiment. Perception, however, does have its limitations like our human senses have certain boundaries and limits, also data that is collected by perception is very open to bias which changes the meaning of the data to each person.

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The last way of knowing is language which we use to convey messages to other people. There are several different ways to use language such as “double -speak” and “lying” can change the way we know truth. 5An example of double speak is during political campaigning against abortion in the USA. In the political campaign, both candidates are explaining their view on abortion which would hopefully appeal to the public. Take Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama for example, they both have said that they are “personally opposed” to abortion, however they respect a womani??

s right to choose. The term “personally opposed” could be interpreted in several ways, it could mean that the act is wrong otherwise why else would they oppose it however the terminology used in that is statement is not based on personal convictions like ” i dislike”. By the language used, we can see how double speak may twist our version of what we think is right or true. Language can be complex because it changes on the context of how it is used. Anna Brownwell Jameson, a British writer said, 6″ Accuracy of language is one of the bulwarks of truth”

This quote shows that language is open to our perception which is why perception and language are used together. No matter how accurate language you use, it will still be interpreted in different ways by different people which can change the way truth is known. It seems as though truth could be said as an accumulation of all the ways of knowing because using only 1 or 2 would give a biased view of the truth which is why these different ways of knowing help in differentiating between the objective truth and subjective or what is believed to be true and what is actually true.

The prime examples are in religion and science, as religion is believed to be true by people while science is a worldwide truth like facts. Overall, the ways of knowing if used together will help us know the difference between truths.


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