Managing Careers

Institutions of higher education need to consider whether they are ready to meet growing learner demands in the coming years. First of all, most respondents agreed that blended learning would have greater significance in higher education in the future. Although some institutions have already embraced blended learning, many others are slower at adopting it for various reasons. University education provides opportunities for career advancement, gives us the confidence to change tracks from what you have been doing all these years. It also provides us with the necessary skills and knowledge to kick-start a new and rewarding career. Universities allow students to meet and interact with people from different social, cultural, and financial backgrounds.

In the words of Albert Einstein, – ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.’ True to his words, a university education is what remains with us and helps us make a living. All the same, it is not just a means to earn a living but also a means to better living. Question 1: How and to what extent has studying for the degree been beneficial to you? Explain and justify your answer.

I am currently pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Business under University of East London. From the course, I have developed general knowledge and understanding of different and up-to-date business development and global business issues. Besides that, I have been taught with the latest business operations and management techniques, practices and methods that have been applied in the fields of international businesses.

In addition, from all of the classes that I have attended and various assignments and presentations that have been conducted, I have earned several skills. That includes academic skills which include reading, note taking, research, and computer skills such as Microsoft Office. In my view, all of these skills are essential for my study. By knowing that, I find it is easier for me to further my academic success and these skills allow me to have better learning on the materials presented by lecturers. Therefore, it strengthens my ability when preparing for exams and other assessments.

Besides that, I have learned the ability to adapt myself in changing environment. There are several problems encountered, however, I handled all sort of problems in calm and I learned to determine under pressure. Additionally, I am able to manage my personal reactions to challenges in life. Moreover, I have earned personal skills which including self-management, independent learning, analytical and critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, team working skills, time management skills, and public-speaking skills. All these skills are beneficial for me throughout the course of my lifetime.

Question 2: Explain what you intend to do after the degree in terms of work or further study and identify how you might transfer your academic skills to be effective in what you plan to do. After I have made it through college, I will put my hard earned degree to work by applying a job in business and management. I do not mind to start from the low level, as long as I can develop more in-depth knowledge experiences in the management field before I can achieve my long term goal which is to become a qualified manager.

As I have practiced several skills while pursuing my studies at college, I am sure all of the skills are useful when I step into working life. Teamwork skill is one of the most important skills for me to success in my career path. With it, I am able to collaborate and communicate well with others as a team and perform effectively. However, leadership is also one of the necessary skills for me to work efficiently. Without an effective leadership, it is hard to get all the staffs to work in group. With the leadership skill that I learnt from my studies, it enables me to do well in planning, organising, staffing, and controlling personnel as a good leader.

Besides, communication is another essential skill for me in order to work effectively in management field. A good communication skill enables me to pick the right person and express my expectations well through sending a clearer message. I believe that the academic skills and personal skills that I have adopted can strengthen my ability in completing my personal development plan in the near future. Upon my graduation, I intend to do my Masters in Business Administration under University of Ballarat in Stamford College on a part-time basis. I firmly believe that learning is a life-long process. So I do want to upgrade myself in ensuring a better future.


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